The Wall of Shame (Accidental Level-Ups)

Wasted gold, DNA, and the reason why we all want a confirm prompt when we level our creatures. Here are my most prominent examples.

Feel free to share yours!




Not trying to be mean here, but they are all hybrids, just don’t fuse them to Max and you won’t accidentally level them.
But yeah, a confirmation button is needed

I always fuse to max when I can but I honestly never accidentally leveled anything up :slight_smile: Yet!

I’ve only ever done this when I accidentally leveled up Nodotitan to 17.:joy: Pretty trivial but still ticked me off

I went to 16 on an accidental tap. Made me so mad. Now I have to go to 20 so my numbers ocd is alright.

Was going to go max level then it got a few nerfs but more than that it got a hybrid. So I’m mad I wasted all that epic mono dna.

I think mine was 10 and while fusing suchotator I accidentally switched and leveled him up. Had to take it to15 for my number ocd.


I did this once with Sinoceratops on an old account. I was so upset

This is what I do now… having learnt the hard way :sweat_smile:

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My worst accidental DNA waste was probably Kentro…

One night I had a ditsy moment (when perhaps drink was involved but I’m not admitting to anything) and thought she had to be L20 not L15 to fuse for the next update… so started to level her up… then RM was like “what are you doing!!?” as I reached L18 :see_no_evil:

oh well… have never run out so got away with it!

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If it had been Anky on the other hand… urm I think I’d still be sleeping on the sofa! :sweat_smile:

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