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The Wallet Flex

Can we get a community-wide ban on wallet flexing? This is where whales say how many $100s or $1,000s they’ve spent on JWA. It’s getting tired in a game that’s mainly F2P.

While I too have spent some money on the game, that’s about the only information that’s relevant to conversations that don’t involve refunds for specific amounts.

I don’t care how much money you spend and sharing huge figures only draws ire from people here to enjoy the community (aside from other whales that want a flex contest).

And yes, I see the irony that this thread will facilitate far too many wallet flexes for my liking.

I missed that one.
Links to the threads you are referring to?


I actually find that most of the big spenders (at least the ones I know of) don’t even bother posting in here anymore. And those that do spend that much money probably don’t admit it because of the hoards of players that reign down on them with shame posts and comments.


I haven’t noticed it till you pointed it out.
Almost everyone went to discord. LOL


I don’t want to call out anyone or a thread by name (it would be rude to do so), just a practice that’s stuck with me from some posts over the past month or so.

While it might seem like a rant, I mostly want a constructive conversation.

I have a hard time with Discord’s constantly updating feeds and lack of specific threads (not for lack of trying) so I’m stuck here.

If anyone else has any links to this stuff go ahead and link here.
I gave up finding any.

It’s definitely better than it was in 2018 for sure. Maybe I’m late to the party, but I felt it was worth a try anyway.

I personally don’t care how much people do or do not spend in the game. But I will say I see more people bemoaning and often trying to belittle the “big spenders” then I do people “flexing their wallet” so I guess I didn’t realize it was an issue to begin with.

But how much do they spend? I have no idea.

But it’s their money … some buy expensive clothes … some buy expensive boosts.

This is why I’m F2P

Don’t get me wrong, people should spend disposable income on the things they love.

But mentioning specificly gigantic figures doesn’t serve a practical purpose other than to flaunt. You don’t see a lot of posts about someone spending their life savings or racking up credit card debt.

The only practical purpose I can see would be for legitimate statistical research: “I spent $2,000 on incubators and this is what I got. . .”

People can share their passion if it has a dollar amount, like leveling a favorite dino to 30, but I’m not likely to engage them in the community for a simple wallet flex saying they spend X dollars a year.

Does that make sense? I’m here to connect with the community, not see how divided we are outside of JWA.

Still not seeing any links to these threads.
Doesn’t appear to be a problem after all.
I guess we can delete this nonconstructive thread.

I thought this was going to be about the yawn emoticon while a team of heavily boosted (to the yellow stats levels!) maxed out creatures takes down your entire team by just blowing some wind on it.

My guess is that just about everyone in the Top 100 spent at least $3,000 USD and the Top 20 spent over $10,000 USD.

I may be way low.

If I face a time like that … I put my phone away and do something else. Go back to the arena again.

… but on the other hand … the arena reset isn’t their fault.

That’s a huge amount of money.

Nah I met those even before the resets. They’re droppers for sure, and they spam the yawn over and over and over. Or say “Well played” at the beginning.