The Walmart spins stops are not at Walmart


Today seen two Walmart’s with no stop to spin instead the stop was at the wrong location superstore terrible!!

Get your game right Ludia



Never rely on Wal-Mart to get things right anyway… I used to work at one. Yeeeeesh. The sheer amount of human vermin that oozes through the aisles gives one a profound drop in faith for humanity’s future.


I went to my local Walmart. The supply drop was in the middle of the store. My prize? 5 darts and some coins. Whooptydo. Not worth it at all, for me.


Yea the spins are garbage!! Ludia makes money off those spins why do you think they are there!!



I’ve been to the same Wal-Mart shopping three times since the promo started the first two no gold box on my game, but my boyfriend had the gold boxes on his map. Yesterday I went and there was finally a gold box on my map.