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The way the missing incubator fiasco is being handled is atrocious, for both the players and customer support

I understand customer support may not have complete control over how the situation is handled and this may not be their fault, but this needs to be addressed.

Does Ludia realize that literally nobody saw the missing strikes last week? They word it like we just “didn’t find them” or something. They were literally not spawning for anybody. I’m in a discord server with over 7,000 JWA players, and a grand total of zero found said strikes. This is not an individual exclusive issue. This is a playbase-wide issue.

And what’s this about “not being able to provide the rewards?” Is the cute incubator pool just not in the game anymore? Just send a cute themed incubator to everyone and there is literally no issue.

Last but not least this refusal to admit fault has successfully swamped the inboxes of customer support, resulting in not only longer wait times for players, but a drastically increased workload for the customer support operators, and likely massive stress that’s only compounded from having to work from home during a literal pandemic, when jobs are by absolutely no means secure. This is like a guide on how to kill worker and player morale at this point.


Couldn’t agree more. 600 HC for missing 3 strikes worth of DNA, Coin and a scent is not compensation. You can’t even get a rare incubator for that.


Honestly have not heard of a single person finding anything besides the basic incubators. If anyone has, they certainly haven’t said anything


I absolutely agree with the op, this is a complete fiasco by Ludia and a disgraceful way to treat the players and employees.

All it needed was a rollout of the missing incubators to the players. Simple.

Why wasn’t this the immediate response Ludia?


I did not get a anything besides the autorepsonse…
But if they just give out 600HC as s compensation i am not even mad if they forget about me…dont need/dont want

My english vocabulary is not big enough to find a word that describes this descision correctly

Ludia… are you RNGing your Business/customer related/Service descisions or where in the world did that come from???

goes back to what someone said a couple days ago about how ludia said they don’t communicate with players cuz we’re too toxic. well, i wonder why that is?

lie and pretend it was just a few people… lie and say you can’t provide the rewards… and then compensate for it with a reward about 10% what it should be… and this is just one of many times :rofl:

is that making it less toxic than sending everyone an incubator which is something they’re 100% capable of (the same method they’re sending the cash) and would probably take seconds? who’s creating the toxicity?


Why do you sound so surprised? I expect those kind of responses by this point. Their customer service is complete trash.

They don’t care


What’s worse, that if they don’t fix bug before weekend, there is likely it will happen again.

Some cash isn’t good compensation for lost exclusive dna.


maybe this is the start of them phasing out epic strikes. someone must have finally realized that advertising epic incubators as concavenator/alanqa/koolasuchus filled garbage multiple times a week is not the best way to get people to spend real money for them.

Let’s keep this near the top.

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Reminds me of when they refused to resend me my Season 5 reward for being in the Top 500. “It was my fault for not opening the message within 7 days”, even though that wasnt a rule. Wouldn’t budge on sending one out, they even admitted I had earned it.

Well it was my fault that I cancelled VIP. That was 16-18 months ago. $160 - $180 of lost revenue for a lousy Epic Incubator :rofl:

Multiply that bad decision by 100,000 players and maybe they would realize why revenue is in the dumps!


I highly suspect that the support operators themselves are not the ones in charge of reward distribution, but rather some higher ups that establish the protocol for this. Said higher-ups tend to be the epitome of those that care for little other than money and pleased shareholders, so player satisfaction tends to take a back seat.

Regardless of if that’s true, this adamant attitude toward player earned/promised rewards helps nobody. It drives player satisfaction straight into the Mariana’s Trench and it doesn’t exactly do money flow any favors. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain from compensating the playerbase, and yet they don’t. They deliberately chose not to. For most other companies, this would be outrageous, for us its just any old Tuesday.


I could understand them not sending out that Unique incubator months back, as that certainly wasn’t supposed to be in that tower.

This, however, was a complete and gross oversight. We were all supposed to have attempts at the incubators. We were denied that, and then given half-hearted “compensation”. We have no actual data telling us what percentage of people got to try the towers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t much.

And, honestly, I’m not surprised that by some people accessing those towers (which i still have yet to hear first person on here from someone who had), they decided “well, it wasn’t like we didn’t put out the towers. No one looked hard enough if they didn’t get it.”


I certainly agree. Last week was infuriating. Cute theme is pretty important due to Nasutoceraptos, Blue, and Echo. It was not cool, though I doubt Ludia will do something about this issue. 600 HC does not equal a epic Inc, rare inc, and scent, if we were to get bucks for this issue, then we would be getting a total of 6200 HC.
Edit: Oh wait, I forgot we won’t be getting that much HC because of boosts!1!1

I still haven’t heard back from support yet…

Well as long as people keep paying them they don’t care. The last “update” is a way to stall game development if people are spending.

What everyone here seems to forget is:

  1. Ludia is a small company so doesnt have much staff and probably pays peanuts.

  2. The incident was over the weekend.

  3. They chose to release an update the same period (2 days) as the monthly reset where Championship, Tournament, Seasonal and Daily rewards have to be communicated to the players and before that placed into the game. Which in itself was a fiasco.

  4. Ludia has staff who can help but are not allowed to help or too overworked to help. I have a member whose account was.lost and Ludia was able to help but still didnt restore the account yet. So they can solve the problem but for some reason they need days to solve it.

  5. Covid 19 has made everything virtual and Ludia being a skinflint company, many of the quality assets and what not are at Ludia HQ not allowed to be brought for Work From Home. So authorisation for any rewards would need days to achieve instead.of hours since you have to wait for some manager to read the report then write their own report and email to their boss etc… So inefficiency.

Should all this be an excuse? No. Ludia has to get its act together and stop being cheapskate. Get proper managers or give the actual programmers power to make small decisions like pushing a Cute premium inc to players. The loss of revenue is 0. Players who would have bought the inc would already have done so and will do so again if offered. So giving the rest.of the community what is in real world money is supposedly 80 USD but in Ludia resources to make a few cents, is just a PR stunt.

Give the inc, its not like it can imbalance the game anymore than the game is already imbalanced.


What strikes were missing??
I haven’t really been paying attention the last few days.

Two strikes for the “cuties” event, a rare strike and an epic one, as well as a charger scent strike. All this happened over last weekend.

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Yes, I have said it many times - Ludia simply does not care. They have made that so obvious over the last 6 months.

We’re money in their wallets, nothing more.

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