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The way they reset boosts is just plain unethical

I think most of us are in agreement that the new boost tiers and restrictions are much better and should’ve been this way from the start. However, the way they transitioned players into the new system was rubbish and borderline scammy.

Only boosts that were acquired via daily battle incubators and strike events should’ve been converted into their 1.5 multiplier for reuse. Boosts bought via hard cash from the store should’ve just refunded us the cash. 25 stat boost points (aka 1/4 of a single boost) for 500 HC is a complete rip off and I would’ve spent it on coins instead if I knew. And here’s the kicker. They had 2 stat boost sales right before the update dropped. They knew they were gonna be killing their value, and did it anyway. That’s just shady.

At least I never spent actual money on HC, so my only annoyance is that I could’ve spent it on coins instead. Imagine the players who did spend money. IMO they are well within their rights to get a refund from the App Store/Play Store.



It will totally depend on the new cost of boosts.
If they are still 500 for 25 boosts I can’t see that we can do anything about it.
If they are 500 for 37, again, nothing we can complain about.
Anything over that, say 500 for 50 boosts and we would have every reason to be upset.

I’ve been very vocal at my dismay over the update, and I really do think the way they’ve done this is wrong so many ways.
We paid for boosts that had a reasonable value before they made them worthless, just so that people will continue to buy them over a much longer period of time.
But I’ve said enough about that, and I’m sick of the Ludia apologists defending what they’ve done. Which by the way, is exactly what should have been done from the off. But this way they’ve had a fortune from the players and devalued what they bought to next to nothing.


You have stated exactly what happened very well. Thank you.

I agree completely on everything you said just now.


Yep, this right here is the crux of my argument and why I think Ludia made a very predatory move. All they had to do was refund the HC for those purchases and 1.10 would’ve actually been a solid update. It’s frustrating how just one change to their rollout would’ve killed almost all the rage in these forums lol. Their greed has always been their downfall smh.


Just a thought.

I would rather seen they payed back the green cash.

Raised the level of dinos from level 30 to 40.
And the cost for leveling up would then be higher (as always)

And changing the boost-system when everyone got their money back.

Then the green money could be used as coins, if some want, or as boost, if someone want so spend 100 cash per tier.


I would have preferred this too.
I’m so sick of people saying we shouldn’t complain as it’s the same for everyone.
That’s like a supermarket charging 10x more for your basket of identical shopping to last weeks and saying it’s ok because everyone in the queue will also be charged the same!

We bought something with a specific value, only to have it’s value drastically reduced. So we should get to choose what we do with the refunded cash, not have the boosts that are now worth next to nothing back instead.


Yes, if they had given back the HC, at least then people would have the choice on where to reallocate it. (Instead of being forced to use it on boosts) But, in the end you still put real currency into buying the HC, so unless they start handing out Apple/Android refunds, it’s still money we won’t ever see again.

  1. They should refund in the same currancy as we bought the product.

  2. And if then want to change the concept, they should offer that as a new product after everyone got their refund from the old currancy.

If they then want to charge and claim more money for the boost, we have a option to buy it and support it.

Myself starting to very sceptic of this transition.


I would have just been fine with the hc refunded… and let the option of spending it again on boosts or coins and scents… pre 1.10 boosts were by far the best use of hard cash… in 1.10 thats not so clear.

Someone decides there done with the boost arena now there stuck with a bunch of boosts they may never use… give that person a bunch of hard cash… they may end up making enough improvements to their teams via coins and scents they decide in the future there gonna buy boosts with real money.

Same win win… less sting for your customers.


People could accept a change of the boosts.
And I guess a lot wanted it.

But, People never feelt they had that decision of themself.
Now everyone was forced in to a system, where the old value was replaced with a new.

Close the boost 1.0 and give player back what they spent on it.
Introduce boost 2.0 and fix it with a higher cost of boost.
Then players would not be that angry because they got back what they paid for.

Once again…

It reminds about a lot of other mistakes.
Yes, 1 free attempt on Tenonto :exclamation:


They way they did the reset keeps people invested even at a devalued rate into the boost system. They either continue to boost or considered their money a loss… many will go back to boosting.

It makes me feel like this whole boost revisions was done in a how can we get boost sales back to how they were before everyone hit tier 6. Then they decided on how they were gonna sell this change to us… and added a bunch of stuff we asked for after boosts first dropped.

Its a positive change… but its a cleverly packaged positive change thats end result is to get people to buy more of what they already bought.





Try out the diplovenator instead.

People are having a chock in the arena!

At the movement I’m sceptic.

  1. Some people will probably quit.
  2. Some people will probably realise it’s not possible anymore to stay competitive. Then a more relaxed mood comes in playing, and more funny dinos being played in lower arenas.
  3. Some players will use all their boost they have, and spend all free green cash they get to buy boosts.
  4. Some pros will keep battling in the top.
  • A majority of players in the middle-range have seen the game for what it is. The relationship have become worse. And this players will not support with more :heavy_dollar_sign:

  • I think L fall on their own greed this time.

A pictue from Facebook says a lot:


The arenas are just dead. My last several battles are all AI. It’s like a ghost town since the update. I think this update seriously compromised the integrity of the management at Ludia but I didnt think it was enough to tank this whole game. Given the massive negative feedback, more than I have ever seen, I feel confident some more changes will be made. But at the very least they need to announce zero cost boost resets for a couple weeks after each update. Dinos change, meta changes, and people may just want to change their team to make it fresh. Right now if I invest 20 boosts into a dino it isnt ever leaving my team and if they nerf it into the ground I will really be angry over the loss of the boosts. I like meta changes a lot but not after I have $100 invested into 1 dino. It’s like there is no forward thought at this company, they see a problem at their feet and work on it without regard to secondary problems and future consequences. This system is guaranteed to increase the gap between paying and free players opposed to the last system and that seems contrary to the messages they put out about changes in the first place. I just dont get where their head is at, you dont get more money from less customers. I am a business owner, perhaps they need me on retainer for advice, I dont know.


100% agree.

This ”small” update was a HUGE update on many layers.

I bet they think about the consequences now after the update.

In some way it’s like going back to your partner after you broke up. L can’t afford to lose their small playerbase. And they can’t afford to be greedy.

Continue follow.


I just dont see them having a good track record of considering consequences. Owning a company is like being a Dad. My kids will say they want ice cream for dinner every day and it is up to me to manage the house and say no. You cant listen to gamers, they want everything for free or made easy but those games suck because you play them 2 weeks and get bored. I thought boosts were an excellent revenue bump but this game has missed many marks on income in my opinion. Why cant I buy darts cheaper, at a price point I would actually pay? Why not buy a larger dart pool, 1000 HC for 10 more up to 200? Man, I could throw out easy money maker ideas all day that people would love and Ludia doesnt pursue. But what you dont do is take a week to get back to people when they buy stuff with $ and dont get it. Cardinal sin. What you dont do is devalue things they bought. Another cardinal sin. Because then people stop spending money. I did. That causes companies to fail. I dont want to see Ludia struggle or fail, I want to see them get rich, I dont understand why they seem to want to be poor.


Well put, and this is exactly how it should have been done. I am still waiting on a response from Ludia. I emailed support and got a form letter/canned response that didn’t address my questions. I have since responded back, clarifying my concerns about hard cash purchased boosts, and haven’t heard anything in over 24 hours. I will give them till next week and I will get in touch with my credit card if there is still no resolution. You are 100% correct that it is borderline scammy to sell something to someone, then change its value AFTER the fact.


I feel any nerf to any Dino should reset in all boosts on said Dino be removed during the update.