The Way To Go

Let’s be honest.
This week has probably been the most catastrophic of the game in a long time… probably since the introduction of boosts.
The schedule is all over the place, there are some disturbing bugs aka the usual in a new launch…

But I’m the only one feeling content?
I’m actually quite happy with my gaming experience… and it’s basically because I’m feeling like I have a purpose again.
This new creatures being global… letting me think “OH YEAH, I CAN UNLOCK THIS JABRONIS” it’s making all the difference.
What I’m trying to say is that we are very forgiving about game issues, even in a hyped week as St. Patty’s 2020 was… if you give us something as simple as reachable goals.
Hope this feedback helps in the long run.


I agree…for the next update i dont care if they fix any bugs(they will always be here)…just give me 5-6 new dinos and 5-6 new hybrids so i can go out to hunt and create.