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The way to trigger Code-19s

I have tried this multiple times and it worked(most of it).
So all you have to do is enter the raptor pen and exit, it will trigger a code-19.
If it does not work, try doing it again
I find this really useful to me because it is a good way to grind S-DNA.
This does not always work, I don`t know why.


A couple of points.

  1. We only get 6 Code-19s per day. If you’ve used them all, you don’t get anymore until they reset.

  2. If you aren’t getting any at all, the following approach seems to work. Make sure all of your Common Herbivores are out of Asset Repository. If they are already out, put them in the Asset Repository and start taking them out one-by-one, beginning with Tuojiagosaurus. After you add a Herbivore back into the Park, enter and leave the Raptor Paddock about 10 times before moving on to the next one.