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The way you feel when Ludia updated darting


Subject correction : “The way I feel when Ludia updated darting”

After an initial dip I am now getting consistently higher scores especially on epics, so for me:


I’m reserving judgement. It ‘feels’ a little less clunky this morning. I haven’t seen enough epics yet to decide on my situations yet, But did successful dart 71 on a miasaura this morning. I guess my epics were always 40-60ish.

I think it’s too early to cry foul just yet. They did ask us to ‘get use to it’. I don’t know if I can or will. We will see.


The drone is SLOWER than it was before. Even after adjusting to it, I know I am less 25% to 30% of the normal DNA I would get per hunt.

I don’t feel like they did it to reduce the DNA, but because newbies were likely complaining about how hard the drone was to control as it was.
Originally - IT WAS JUST LIKE MANEUVERING A DRONE!! It could spin out of control, because you cold move it fast! This became less of a problem, the more you used it, but I liked this aspect.
Maybe they need to give a toggle between the slower, easier to maneuver drone and the original one. I much prefer speed, because it was darn fun to swing the drone around the dino and dart it rather than guiding the drone directly to the spot. :frowning:


I think Ludia should give a sensitivity controlling bar in settings to regulate the sensitivity and stuff for your own personal needs


Ludia can at least add more battery life. I darted fast dinos already and they outrun my slow drone and it takes a while to catch up by then the battery life is done and I am screwed. -____________-


Agreed. While I have adapted to the new darting system and don’t think it’s the end of the world like lots of people, I’m still only getting about 80% of the DNA I was previously. Could this improve over the next week or so? Probably will. But including a sensitivity option would please all parties.


Mostly I’ve been worse but when it mattered I got 192 on an Erlikosaurus which is good for me. Everyone will get used to it.

It’s not like they’ll bring back the fence.

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To me it felt like the drone got upgraded with a target seeking missile. My darting actually improved (was horrendous before on saurus dinos.)

Me before darting:
Oh it’s gunna be easy, easiER like they said. Maybe a little tricky, but I’ll get it.

Me after darting creature 1:
Meh, tricky but I got it now.

Me now:
:frowning: how the heck is this easier!?!?


Well… you literally never know… don’t jinx it!

Just got 97 on a T-Rex when I normally get 200+


Don’t see the ‘what’s your highest darting score?’ thread getting many updates for a while… is it even possible to get 450 on a common any more? It’s soooo slow I don’t see how? Anyone manage it yet?


I scored 450 on Euppocephalus and 447 on Ophiacodon.

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No. Really? Really really? How many creatures have you had to dart to get used to it? Are you iOS?

Drone stupid, pvp total stupid :face_vomiting:


New aiming system: *exists*

All of us: *trying to dart a Rex*


Very stupid :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


You need to get the hang of it.
I darted for 3 hours but now I consistently do better on it than the old system. Except Ornithomimus. It spins around so much I keep missing shots :joy::rofl:

The trick is, it yields more direct hits than the old system. It’s slow and clunky because if you pay attention, there are squares on the ground.

The new drone “clicks” into those, that is why it moves slower and much more robotic.

But exactly because of the clicking mechanism, it will actually “home in” on direct hits if you release the dart in the right time, it clicks into the square and the direct circle.

With epics I darted a Rajasaurus for 255 when my average was 215 and Spino Gen 2 185 with two completely missed shots.

The trick is that you need to be patient and wait for those clicks. You will do worse if you try to spray and pray like with the old drone.

It’s harder to fire the max darts but with practice each individual dart counts much more than before, since you will get higher average because of the clicking. :dart:


Now darting literally feels like if I’m drunk


So… there isn’t the “lead time” like on shooting for real anymore? Like… if you’re shooting a bird you have to give lead so the bird effectively flies into the shot and you get a “direct hit”. That’s how the game used to work… does it not anymore then?