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The We Are Family is Recruiting

We Are, actively recruiting active members.
We Have, currently 3 guilds all operating on a shared Discord channel where there is tons of useful game and item info and strategy guides along with an active community all sharing information, posting screen shots, ribbing each other about PvP matches etc. We do have members of outside guilds who hang out also so you never know who’ll you’ll run into.

Requirements. Really pretty easy.
1000 donation minimum. Easy to maintain but more is of course better.

Rally’s. We only ask 50 rooms per Rally. That gets you all your chests and 10 keys per Rally. The full 75 is optional.

Raids are a requirement . With the minimum of 30 keys from Rally and our help/advice there is no reason you can’t do at least 30- 50 rooms… that’s less than two rooms a key. So that is the Minimum goal per person in Raid. 1800 rooms, 50 people in a guild. 36 rooms per person. That’s how easy a Raid really is…. or can be.
Want to be part of that?

Come check out the We Are family of guilds. All 3 guilds are currently looking for ACTIVE players. Also willing to absorb other guilds. All our guilds complete Raids and get the Silverhand.
We are bad company
We are Misfits
We are the cure