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The Weakest Winners

The Weakest Winners

Win 35 PVP battles with a team of Common creatures.

Can anyone give advice on how to win 35 ridiculous battles with Common only creatures? As far as I can tell the ONLY way to do it is:

  • Arena drop (Toxic)
  • Try painfully in a Common/Rare Tournament (Unpleasant and painful)

I’d also like Ludia’s opinion on this too please, because one method is toxic for the game, the other method is extremely horrible, and neither are healthy option for a player. So please can I have your thoughts too on this achievement? @E.D @Eugene

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I definitely would recommend to drop. Fighting with 8 commons against equaly strong enemies was a lot of fun!

Definitely more fun than any of the upper arenas.

And in the end there are so many things that are worse to the arena than droppers. So why care?
And when you are back up you have not messed up the arena. Some players got free wins while others did not really had a chance…