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The weekly events - how many attempts do you get?


A little while ago Ludia stated that it is up to you how to spend attempts. If you spend on common ore rare you will loose out on epic attempts. So last week I saved all attempts to T-rex skipping gorgosaurus, which I needed, only to notice that the attempts I have was per day. My wife went at the gorgosaurus and still had max tries at the T-rex.

Moreover I more like the idea of knowing what is under the green SD. I do not live in a big city which means I have to take the car to find the green ones. Not very environmentally friendly but the only way as there are way to few green SD.

So Ludia, when do I find specific dinos under the stop?
How many attempts do I get?


I hate to burst your bubble but… You don’t lose attempts at epic because you used them on a common…


So is it still as it used to be. You have the number of attempts for the spec dinos of the day/days?!


No, different rarity dinos got independent attempt, but they share chances between the same rarity.

For example, Gallimimus, Monolophosaurus Gen2, Dilophosaurus Gen2, and Diplocaulus share 48 attempts.
You could spent all of them on Galli, or randomly use on every event common creature you can see.

But no matter how many “common creatures attempts” you spent, it won’t influence your “rare/epic creatures attempts”.
Still 18 for Dilophosaurus, Diplocaulus and Koolasuchus Gen2. Also 6 for 2 epic creatures.


K, thanks! Then I will be more motivated visiting the green SD’s