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The whale problem

Boosts 2.0 has made the game more p2w than the previous version. I know the previous version wasn’t great either but this is a flaw I haven’t seen discussed yet.

For calculations I’ll use even boost distribution because its easier to visualize.

In boost 1.0 I was able to get my team to 7-7 for attack and hp. In the top 150 I would fight against teams that were 8-8 with some 9’s thrown in too regularly. Now rank 7 boosted the stat by 43% and rank 8 was 46%. So my team had 143% hp and attack and my opponents had 146%. Meaning my dinos had 97.95% of the stats of the 8-8 dinos. That’s defiantly an advantage for those who spent money on boosts but not that hard to swallow for those who didnt.

In boost 2.0 I am able to get my team to 4-4 in attack and hp. Those who were 8-8 before can again get back to 8-8. Rank 4 gives a 10% boost while rank 8 is 20%. So my dinos have 110% atk and hp while the whales have 120%. So now my dinos only have 91.67% of the stats the whale has.

This means the gap between me and the whales is 4x greater than it was under the old boost system.
The gap will even get larger until whales max out. If we extrapolate that they gather 2x the boosts by buying more,when they hit 15-15 i will be at 8-8. So it will be my 120% vs their 137.5%. Now my dinos are only 87.27% effective.

In my opinion that’s too much of an advantage.

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“Paying for an advantage is too much of an advantage”

They only do these overhauls for one main reason… Profit. They could see that the need for boosts was dying down and that they weren’t going to be selling as much, so they overhauled the system to make us need more boosts. This is a better system but it greatly slows down our progress. People who are willing to pay will progress a little faster though, obviously.


Every day there was a new thread about DC needing to be nerfed. This week every day there is a new thread about how Boosts 2.0 is bad. :expressionless:

i’m disappointed that there is - in fact - no whales shown in the thread :C


1.0 front loaded the system quite quickly. This had a huge impact on the arena. Too many players condensed into a small section. Matchmaking got messed up because of it. That initial front loading really put strain on the game. This new one spreads it out quite nicely, however its implementation of this new system was a slap in the face for a majority of the player base.
Look at how many new faces we got as soon as 2.0 hit. How many of them had negative comments? If a rush of new people make an account to specifically voice their complaints about a new system, something obviously went wrong.


That’s fine to make new accounts and voice opinions, but is there a need to create a new thread for every single one that has the same complaint? Or could they just post in an existing thread about the same topic? That was my point.

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Most people don’t think that there is already a similar topic, or don’t bother to check before posting. But yeah, i see your point there.

i blame all the new threads on the mods… a week ago they were busy banning people and flagging for “trolling”…

So no one wants to make a constructive response to the topic? I made a new post because this would have gotten lost in the other topics because of people doing what you are doing. Just getting off topic.

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what do you want to hear?? the boosts are different now and going forward.


Thoughts on the difference between whales. Under the old system they had the equivalent of a half level advantage. Now they have the equivalent of a 2 level advantage. What are your thoughts on that. Is it fair or is it too much.

Have you ever had a discussion before?

I think you are wrong in this analysis. if someone had their entire team at 8/8 stats, there is no way they would be able to get to the same point in this new system. Most of my team was 7/7/7 with a couple at 7/78 and I pretty much got most of the boosts available. I was only able to take my team to an average of 5/5/3 across all 8. I didn’t distribute evenly, but that’s what it came out to on average.

Also, GG last night. It was a close one if I remember right :slightly_smiling_face:

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My thoughts:
We (meaning the average player and some more hard core players) are honestly not going to keep up with the whales in the first place. They are a hard core P2W crowd. I’d say not to worry too much about it.

I’m not really sure what you want to discuss, or what you expect people to say. They’re gonna sell boosts because they need to make money and boosts are profitable. Personally, i don’t think the game is worth spending the amount they charge for everything. But not everyone wants to play at a snail’s pace. It’s boring to some. So they accelerate it. The game targets people who are willing to spend. If they have the money to do it, go for it. Without money, we will never get updates or anything new in the game.


Old 8-8 was 510 boosts. We got 1.5 boosts back so that’s 765 boost. So if they had a little unspent they would be at the 800 needed per dino.

I honestly think the amount of people with a full team at 8/8 is very small. I had an all 7/7/7 team for the most part with 1 at 8 speed. I think I only missed about a week of DBI and sales (I do Tapjoy for HC) and I only got back 4067 HP / 4367 Attack/ 2784 speed. I’m usually ranked in the top 200 depending on my RNG luck and I haven’t moved much since reset.

its a whole new structure and once you close that gap you are only talking about a 2 to 4% difference then…

Boost 2.0 means nothing to me, I’m over this game and this company for a bit. Where are my whales? :frowning: the teachers at my school still gave me detention Pater :wink:

Be careful, we aren’t allowed to discuss moderator activity…
That’ll get you banned.

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