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The wheel of misfortune

I swear this game sometimes has it out for me, it seems to come and go like seasons. For example the last week and a half no matter what I only get coins and food for any PvsP or PvsE at any battle level. I’ve stupidly thought to try different things to change the outcome like tap on the screen to manipulate the wheel at different junctions lol yea that don’t help. I looked on here through a few different threads hoping there was some magic formula but no luck! I also seem to never get the 11,000 LP for VIP trades anymore. I can’t be the only dude this happens to.


U are not alone…


I’m not alone! still sucks though lol


i got a rajastega and Diplotator my first modded pvps. i was level 35 at the time. i am now level 38


Yeah I’m having a bad run as well.

Two tournaments are a grind, one I wouldn’t mind so much if the prize wheel rewards were coming in…but they are not.

It’s frustrating to say the least.


I agree. It would be nice if on the higher level battles they would totally eliminate the coins and food prizes


Absolutely, even if it was just replaced with 50DNA…I’d gladly take that.


When I was doing ceno PvP runs about 8 battles a day it usually would be hit and miss.

One day I would get mainly coin and food.

On another day about 6 out of the 8 wins would yeild creatures, dna, lp and bucks.

It just swings in roundabouts and if your prepared to grind it does pay out eventually.


I hear ya I’m just in a crappy streak I guess. Hopefully it turns around soon


I did get this trade today, it was custom but still awesome


Found this on the dominator wheel and just scratched my head…


Yeah something’s off

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It should turn around. :crossed_fingers: I had the worst streak for days. 13 coin/food rewards then finally 100 dna during procoptodon tournament. My bad luck continued during the first day playing the nodo tournament.
Then it turned around and won multiple 500 dna cards, some 1000 dna cards and this:

Never won 500 db during tournament before.


Finally the streak has ended… hopefully this continues


Me too, throughout the first few days of this tournament I’ve had nothing but food and coins. I had 1 100 DNA and 1 10 DB but that’s it

Now I don’t play PVP, but here’s my saddest fact:

In tournaments, I’ve participated in about 3/4 of all of them, but have NEVER gotten the tourney-dino pack from the prize wheel after a victory. NEVER, and I’ve played this game since launch…

Sure, it has the lowest of odds, but of all the chances I’ve had via the spins the laws of probability is totally against me.

RNGesus decides what you get before you ever spin the wheel; the wheel is just a semi-manipulative animation that’s meant to get you to keep playing because it shows you “how close” you were to winning a really good prize. I wish you had the option to turn the prize wheel animation off and just get your prize.

The highest level Modded PvP does not have any coins or food on it, which is nice. That said, many of the prizes on it are also pretty lousy: 40 DNA, and if you play it for any length of time, you will have Aerotitans, Kaprosuchuses, and Shunosaurus overflowing their paddocks.

As for the prizes themselves, it’s pretty much luck and statistics. Those who have tracked the wheel have found it pretty close to what the advertised percentages are. But sometimes Lady Luck smiles on us, and other times she seems to be vacationing in Norway. In the words of one of the wisest American films ever made:



I don’t even know what that is from but I love it :joy: Also, I agree, I wish you could turn of the wheel animation. I get so excited and then get something really bad. Like today, I landed right next to a Mosasaurus Gen 2 pack but landed on a 40 DNA reward.


That’s the Big Lebowski right there an excellent movie indeed.