The wheelspins

So have any of you guys had luck recently with the arena wheelspins? I got a win in dominator earlier and got an aquatic pack. I mostly get dna though and coins.


@Gojiraptor I’ve gotten coins and food, and several wins of at least 500 DNA. I got a couple packs also.


In the arena I havent got much…
In the tournament, i got some commons packs, good amount of dna, coins,


The coins do seem to come up a lot more than they should be for me. It’s really annoying.

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Legendary lineup pack earlier


Yeah mostly like 9k food or 20k coins

Mistery packs mostly. Dont know the chances of them

I never get anything good

Food, Coins, DNA Occasional Dbux.

Once in a blue moon, a pack, and with all the tournaments I’ve played I’ve never gotten a pack above a super rare.

Gotta love RNG.

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