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The White Whale

The White whale is still out there, folks…


I normally find plenty anky, at least 3 a week although the have been sparce the past week. I found one today.
Another 3/4 and i will have rajakylo to level 20.

This was the first I’ve seen in weeks. The only one I see even less often than Anky now is Monolopho. Ive even seen four Erlikosaurus this week which used to be one I never saw, it’s the only epic I don’t have at 15 or higher but now I’m seeing it more. I used to see Anky cooooonstantly, same with Mono. Now they’ve all but disappeared.


I saw one of those today too😅
Now i am the opposite, i haven’t seen an elriko in about a month😂

I need that white whale :rofl: Used two epic scent capsules earlier and only got 1 Koola per capsule :sob:

Erlikosaurus on the other hand I tend to see one every two or three days at work. Maybe I should level up Erlidominus

Koolasuchus is my most common epic😂 suprisingly for its little wiggly body it is really easy to get crits on!

I usually find 3-4 anky a day and about 1 kentro.

I live in the same zone as it. Seen it ONCE… what the deuce!

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I ran into One of those like 10 minutes ago lol. Still level 14 but I need 48 more cells then I’ll work on Rajasaurus.

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I haven’t seen anky for a month, but I found 5-6 raja. Today I found an anky but it’s trapped in a strike event post, so disappointing!:sob::sob::sob:

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Keep clicking away at it, eventually you will click the right spot and be able to dart it. I had to that to get Barry once,stood at a strike trying all different angles😂

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If you notice that when your screen first loads, the dinos appear first…then towers. (At least for me). You can force this by going to your dino inventory and click on a dino there. Then, leave and go back to your map. Dino will appear, then tower a second later.

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I will definitely try next time

Thank you for the advice!

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I see concavenator 3+ times a week… all others are no more than once a week, if lucky.

Haven’t seen sino (my local epic) in 2 weeks.
Haven’t seen an epic rex in over a week.
Saw my 5th anky and 5th Monolophosaurus since launch within the past 10 days.

  • cheap to play (deals only)

I see Concavenator way too often. Multiple times a day. I usually pass it by now. Occasionally will dart it out of boredom and hopes it gets a sweet hybrid someday. When that day comes I’ll be more than prepared. I come across boat loads of Sino too, several a week. And I see 6-7 Rex a day. I think I have like 3k Rex DNA stacked up at the moment even after a bunch of Indominus fuses to get ready for Indo fuses.

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I’d like to exchange some Ankylo with all these.:joy:

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Ill trade you this for that sino dna @TyrannosaurusLex? I here it’s got a unique hybrid with concovenator coming!

I live in Local 3 and I haven’t seen a Monolophosaurus in over a month, maybe since the last Mono event. RIP Monomimus :’(