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The wire to catch up with you!

thread and for that which was not on the forum for a long time, here is how my park progressed, I got two packages of deinonychus, I got indominus rex and I want to return it from lvl 30, I maximize rhino- woolly and got a megatherium from the merchants.

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so you did not had the glitch???

the … the glitch ??? which ?

Start from here all through

Read this thread

ha yes, this one, once I won a fight the game crashed but I could still win the prizes and my number of trophies increased anyway.

Lol I gave you hundreds of posts to read

It is much more serious than that. We are currently featuring an overrun of bugs brought by update 52.

There are CONSTANT crashing that affects some more than others.

The trophy count in the Indo tourney refused to go more than a certain amount of trophies.

Glitches in duplicating.

Glitches in badge beacon.

And many many many many more. But some people have different glitches than others. For example, I do not experience any of these except the 1st.

I am calling this the May Dumpster crash

ha anyway, it’s a heavy bug! talk about badge here is mine

It is very serious players have got progress reset, @Jurassic_Fury is no longer gonna be active in the forums partly because of this, and people like me have spent very very little time in the game because of stupid crashes that kick you out 10 second in the game😢


I know about Fury, why :sob::sob::sob: