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The Witch Doctors (looking for people willing to join Clan)


Hello! I know I’m not very much seen around the area but I know that clans did come out! In my
I did create one but unfortunately still don’t have anyone willing to join.

All that’s recommended is to be a little over 3500 bp
And to be active
If you’re inactive for more than five days just let the clan know beforehand or there will be a kick

The clan is set to global and I love diversity and everyone is welcome, but just a warning, unless you’re good in the Polish or English language I might not be able to understand if you need help!! I’ll still try my best to but if I get something wrong, I’m sorry TwT

I want this to be a friendly group so suchs things as bullying other players, spam and disturbing the peace wouldn’t be allowed at all and there will be a three strike system I’ll keep track of.

I’ll also maybe create a discord chat for those who have an account, so it’s easier to (not that it’s not easy to talk using the in game chat)
And so that maybe in the future I could host Minnie events for holidays and such. (There will also be an art channel for those of you who love to draw! Personally I do, and I enjoy looking at other peoples works as they inspire me!)

With that said, thanks for reading! And thanks again if you do decide to join!

Dzienkuje!!! Dosobaczenia w clanie!
(Thank you!!! See you in the clan!)


Guess no ones interested…


No one interest because you want 3000k power lol


Thanks for the feedback…
I’ll delete this in a bit
And wait a bit before redoing it…


I’d leave it up, never know when someone will come around looking for a clan or will be switching clans. 3500 power is not that much and certainly not a barrier


Okay, thank you
I’ll change it to 3500 Dx