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The worst kind of good luck


Concavenator Hybrid when, Ludia? :joy:


I’d love one.
Maybe Concavenator and Baryonyx, so that Baryonyx could have a counter attack, making rtc more useful.


Or concavenator and sucotator and bleeding and couter dino


I love this


I feel you lol. Concavenator needs a hybrid!!!


We need to put this as a jurassic world alive meme


Carno and Concave. Make them useful


Add Carnoraptor to JWA!!! But maybe change the name, like they did with “Spinoraptor” to “SpinoTAHraptor”, to “Carnotauraptor”.


I think Concavenator was in the game since the start this poor thing needs a hybrid indeed^^

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