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The worst part of the game:


Honestly, the worst part of this game is the Battle Arena. I see on here so often people griping aboutvery real irritations based on the Battle Arena. Between the vast swaths of cheaters who adjust RNG, speed-tie outcomes, and evasion and crit percentages, and Ludia’s lukewarm response to said cheaters, the arena can be lightning rod for aggregation and rage-quits. Add in the use of skill-less tactics like Dracorex 2 swap-ins and massive loss of trophies that you work hard for, and it’s no wonder so many people get on here to rage about the game. Sadly, you can’t really opt-out of battle arena without sacrificing your only real chance at getting DNA from hard-to-find dinos.

My suggestion is this: keep the battle arena and the reward incubators for wins. Just change it from a PvP to PvPC like in the Strike Events. It’s clear there will always be cheaters in this game who will not face consequences, so stop punishing the players who don’t cheat by putting us through that irritation. There would be a great deal less aggravation from the vast majority of your fans, which would lead to a more loyal fan-base who would likely spend more money on your game. You can even keep a PvP system for those who want it with the Friendly Challenges where wins are only for bragging rights and not for rewards we are ALL trying to earn.




I think the best part of the game is the arena lol. Weird how ones favorite aspect can be ones least favorite :man_shrugging:


The trophy system is what needs work. There’s no reason i should lose 10x the trophies that someone would give me from a battle. No one in their right mind would bet someone $59 and only expect to win $5 back. I’m gonna be one of those campers during this next tournament because the trophy system is absolute garbage. Definitely not doing upwards of 80 battles a day anymore until it’s actually worth my time and effort.


What about incubators?


I’m not keen on any sort of PvP really, it isn’t my thing, so I’ve been wanting a PvE arena for a while. The strike towers are good but you can only play them once. I don’t see why they couldn’t implement one now since they changed it so bots no longer affected your trophies.

You still have that competitive PvP but also a less disruptive option for those people who just want to farm incubators.


Sorry so you’re “only” going to do up to 80 battles a day :scream:

That’s not a typo? Seriously :no_mouth:?


That’s like… 6-7 hours flat out battling per day(!)

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I do A LOT of battles most days. I just find it to be a lot of fun and i like working on my strategy. And the coins are good since i never seem to hit a limit on battle coins. This screenshot is from a day or two ago, but it’s not uncommon for me to hit that amount most days. Usually at least 50 battles a day unless i just need a break.


Well… wow!

Holy heck that is some commitment :raised_hands:

I used to battle until I reached the battle coin limit every day… that was about 5 months ago and only took 3 hours from what I remember. I guess they have upped it - no idea what it is now but it must be pretty much limitless if you’re battling upwards of 50 per day and not hitting it! - can anyone confirm? @MNBrian @Professaurus?

So @TheMaxx are you also going out hunting(!!! With what time!?) or is this the way you get DNA?

What’s more worth it in your experience? I used to be 80/20 battling/hunting… but now it’s flipped. Is it worth evening it out?


I can confirm not hitting the limit on 2-3 battles a day :joy:


Honestly i used to hit the battle coin limit quite often and come to think of it i cant recall maxing out on it recently… has tjos been changed?

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Ok my bad 202020


I drive all week at work so i get a lot of hunting time too. I hunt for pretty much my entire shift if I’m able to. I hunt at night too, anywhere from 1-3 hours if i go out. I hunt a lot less at night now though because there just isn’t much to hunt during those hours anymore. I spend too much time on JWA some days but i also barely sleep, so it’s a good time killer. I only slept 3 hours last night and i wasn’t even tired when i went to bed.


I feel like there’s no limit now because i did about 75 battles the last night of the tournament and I’m pretty sure i got around 20k coins. That’s when i realized i wasn’t ever hitting a limit.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to reply hon.

Well… can totally concur about night spawns… I do about the same and… Kapro aside… meh!

Ok time to up The battling… I don’t hit my Alan reward level most days these days…

Never thought I’d run out of Stigi :joy: but here we are…!

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@Marktheshark how many battles per day do you average and do you ever hit a limit?


But muh pvp /s

Agreed, but fusing is a close second.


Little complicated to say, since I’ll typically wait a long time before I can get matched up with a player and AI matches don’t reward trophies so I don’t waste too much fighting there. I know @Idgt902 does a good bit more of battling than I do


Lately I have cut back just because the trophy system is so aggravating. But usually average between 60-90 battles a day. Have been over 100 a CPL times. Never reached a limit tho