The worst pvp in gaming history

Theres nothing fun or competitive about the rng base pvp its basicly gambling which most of the time is out of your control. You can deny it all you want but rng is random generated, all luck and no skill.

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i would literally never deny that statement, @9c380abd060a5f1dd6ce


I try not to rely on rng I very very rarely cloak my indom or indo and it’s served me well so far


Im forced to rely on rng

Lol this guy kills me

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Um you litterally just showed two screenshots of you failing to know your own dinos damage and then blamed the one thing there is no rng on being to much rng… damage is a flat stat in this game… there are no damage rolls… you do base damage plus/minus modifiers… crits are also a flat damage increase



This made me lol.

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Easy: Level Stegod up to lvl 20, then your opponents will stand no chance anymore :wink:

Just going to sit this right here…


I don’t understand how you’re complaining about RNG based on that picture. Just looks like your hits weren’t hard enough to kill them :woman_shrugging:


I was referring to the original post. With stegod vs stegacera and trex.

Oh okay, sorry.

Thats what i said…

I hit it once when it wasn’t in evasive, the stupid thing crit my dino 3 times and dodged everything I threw at it.

Edit: just saw your above post.

I went against an immune chicken that dodged everything today. They are definitely annoying.

no no no, @Piere87 - it’s unusable now that it’s been nerfed - didn’t you hear?

I did read something about that…I guess I need to tell the person with the level 23 that took 2 of my dinos down :rofl:

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make sure you tell them that its immunity is overrated in the bleeder meta too!


Sir, yes sir. I’ll get on that right now.

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