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The worst Rotation

Ludia answer me this. In what way was it discussed that the idea for arena would be to make it so that an individual can get to a certain level of trophies every month, and at the end of that month, their trophies are reset to a lower amount. Then for the first week or so, maybe two, your spend that time losing trophies to over boosted and higher level teams than your own. So that for the rest of the month you can just get back to where you were at the end of the previous month, if not lower? There is literally ZERO fun in making no progress. Aa matter of fact, it is disheartening and really spits on the face of the time spent hunting for dna (and coins because you can’t get enough coins in this game unless you pay for it…top 100) and leveling your dinos. Because again all it takes is to open your wallet and BUY BOOSTS… PLEASE GET RID OF BOOSTS. I have finished in the top 500 in the last 3 or 4 Skill tourneys where levels are capped at 26 and no BOOSTS. However in arena, I can’t stay over 5500 trophies because everything is faster, tankier and hits harder than my team. I have plenty of dinos I want to replace but the grind for coins is outrageous. And when you get into the 26+ range you need SO MUCH COINS. I would spend my earned hard cash but i have to spend it on boosts otherwise I’d be back in the aviary…please Ludia fix your game.

Learn to counter them :man_shrugging:

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And how do you propose I counter everyones wallets bud? I’m all ears

Haven’t spent a penny and I have done well in the arena. I have 4 creatures approaching level 30 and I am in the gyrosphere currently. You need to take risks sometimes and know how to beat everything as well as how to boost your creatures. Also, hunting is important along with spending a bit of time in the tournaments. That’s how I’ve done it

You could hack their bank accounts :man_shrugging:

That’s a way to counter their wallets :crazy_face:

Actually, you don’t need to buy boosts to be successful in arena. Personally haven’t bought boosts after reset and I’m in Gyro now.

First you need to find a team that works for you. Then you need to balance it. No, not just lvls and boosts, but also that your worst lineup can win matches. Keep lvling your team.

I’m using tanky team, so have no problem with speedsters. Have 4 Indo g2 counters: Ardentis, Gemini, Lania and Dioraja. My fastest and only creature faster than 130 is Magna with 138. Still using unboosted Indo. Got to 5875 trophies last season and I’m already back in Gyro.

Coins can be a problem for last few lvls, but we have lots of ways to earn them.

100% F2P and I’m top 500 in some skill tourneys. I’m also a strong aviary player and don’t struggle a lot with anything.

Work smarter, not harder