The worst thing just happened

I was very sleepy and I was collecting my free incubator but cuz I was sleepy my eyes weren’t opening wide enough so accidentally clicked on the counter attack incubator. I had been saving bucks before this. I had 5000 but now I only have 1000. I’m totally not sleepy now because of my loss. It was so accidental that I don’t think Ludia can do anything about it. I’m crying internally :weary:


Well… Did you at least get something good for your cash?

Sadly all trash

I think that it was designed that way intentionally. Since it gives you almost nothing, everyone taps at screen very fast and it’s ment to be so that someone would buy an unduly expensive incubator just by accident.
Few times I was about to do the same.

So Ludia won’t do anything, they have done it intentionally so you would do it.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully everything you got will pay dividends with the next set of changes.

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I’ve lost count how many times I have had “pocket purchases”. When I have put my phone in picket just for a minute while jwa was open. Everytime they were epic incubators :joy:


Did they make you change your name Cookie? o.O

Yes :joy: all because in one topic I wanted to tell this one guy that flagged comments aren’t always moderators fault and sometimes forum users here are reason why comments get hidden :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Wonder who you’re talking about I won’t name them and I suggest you don’t but they seemed like such a special kind of person

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Yeah, I saw that play out. Even tossed out a counter in that thread to help you out, if its the right one I"m thinking of…pot, kettle, black and all that…lol. That sucks you had to get a name change…will miss the clown! ><

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well, i sure hope that guy is happy - calling out your username was a petty vindictive thing to do from someone who was less concerned with being right than he was with shouting down every opposing opinion.

which, if he was self-aware enough, would be pretty damn ironic.

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I actually believe it is very stupid that it only takes 2 flags to make posts hidden. Maybe I chose wrong way to show it and I definitely pissed off wrong guy. Still this sucks and maybe I learned important lesson: never defend anyone :wink:

I’ve been sooo tempted to flag all his stuff for a laugh but decided it was petty and would kinda prove his point on flagging


Haha, me too. But I came to same conclusion and thought it would be just stupid to flag all his/ her posts.

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A good deed never goes unpunished! :laughing:

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I wonder if that means they’ll flag it within the game as well? Hope not… This world we live in is getting crazy, it has become ok for a man to say they are a woman or vise versa, but at the same time it is unprofessional for a man to have a beard in most white collar jobs. It all just seems weird to me. I am sure somehow this post will offend someone.

Wow I wonder why you think that this mite offend

We will see but I don’t think they will force me to change my ingame name unless that one guy told them about it :man_shrugging:

Have you read the things that have offended people here or online? It doesn’t take much. But enough about that, time to shoot darts at Dino’s! :wink:

I don’t get offended by much but when you start mentioning trans issues I guarantee you’ll find someone who’ll be offended by it. If you look for a glinner on Twitter (he co wrote father Ted) you’ll see what I mean