The worst unique poll

We have looked in the past at some of the best dinos but now it’s time to look at the worst uniques in the game

Here are your choices
Monolorhino-icon Spinoconstrictor-icon


Now let’s see what you guys think is the worse unique and how it can be fixed

  • Monolorhino
  • Thoradolosaur
  • Utarinex
  • Testacornibus
  • Spinoconstrictor
  • Stygidaryx
  • Diloracherius
  • Tuoramoloch

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It seems we got a neck and neck tie between the sail backed mammal and the dome-headed pterosaur

Voted Diloracheirus because:

  1. Immune meta
  2. It’s not immune to anything
  3. Squishy
  4. Has no swap in effect / attack.

I think most of these aren’t really that bad, they are just victims of the immune meta. Their movesets for the most part are well constructed. Edit: Also power creep has had quite an effect on them.

Monolorhino is objectively bad though.


No doubt here. However Dilorach, Rinex and Tuora also suck hardly, and we all know why


Honestly I feel ludia just went like well immunity here there and oh ya those those will now die…

I think spinoconstrictor is the worse and needs more attack more speed amd less health. However I’d like to see monolorhino fixed first. I mean its rampage becomes impact which hurts it because of its low attack

Rinex > Thor > Constrictor = Daryx > Tuora > Cornubis > Dilorach >>>> Monolorhino

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I’m a big hater to Thor so I vote for him

Monolorhino don’t exist in my head

I don’t know how stigy got into high. It can’t do any direct damage, and with many top tiers being immune to bleed or can cleanse next turn, it just is irrelevant.

I would say rhinex, dilorach, and cornibus are the best here, with thor and spino coming in next followed by turo, rhino, then stigy

Only thing disagree is dilorach and tura they should switch but ya pretty accurate although you need more arrows on rhino

Stygidaryx is actual super good, it just requires waaay more skill to use than dinos like Thor etc. A good example is that if you swap in Stygidaryx when someone swaps something slower out, you can get a free ‘pin’, a free ‘kill’ and and a setup lethal swoop :slight_smile:

Still, I wouldn’t say no to a buff.

Pity everything is immune to bleed.

Like Stygi… no damage output. But also no utility? What is this dino actually meant to do? Apparently counters Grypolyth and Tryko… definitely needs a buff of some kind.

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A question many of us have been asking for three updates

It’s supposed to be a bulky spyx, but it just doesn’t perform due to lasck of speed and attack, and poor multipliers and poor damage. HOWEVER, I feel rhino is better than stigy because it CAN pull this off well enough to take down threats like tryko and grypo. It has options it can take. Stigy can’t hold it’s own

If I had to choose I’d go with dilo. A de-buff heavy dino in an immune meta is a bad dino. Maybe thor but I’m not tiered of seeing him play hopscotch between mid and high apex.

It’d be pretty easy to fix some of them now that I think about it.

  • Give Touram like 15% armor and that would be a reasonable improvement. Maybe a swap in move.

  • Give Utarinex swap in headbutt and/or long decelerating strike, or maybe precise decelerating strike.

  • Take one of Stygidaryx’s swoops and give it literally any normal damage move. Why should it lose Darwin’s Shattering Impact?

  • Just give Constrictor it’s original stats or better

  • Let Diloracheirus be 130 base speed, swap in nullify, and/or have either/or higher HP or Distracting Impact.


I see no rhino fix :rofl::joy:


Lol I have no idea how to fix rhino :laughing:. That thing needs to go under the knife

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HP: 3990 => 4100
Damage: 1000 => 1200
Speed: 116
Armour: 15

Distraction => Decellerating Strike
Lethal Wound
Distracting Impact
Definite Impact

Honestly, I’m not great at balancing stats of creatures I don’t have… surprisingly, but based on what it is, I figure with an extra 200 damage it puts it at 3600 damage after 2 turns (or 3000 using slow). This is enough to kill an Erlidominus, Alloraptor & Procerathomimus. While the 4100 Health is just enough to survive Erlidom & Procerat (barring cloak, evasive etc.

It already beats Tryko & Grypo & Erlikospyx. It can now survive (just) a Indoraptor CS + DSR. If it goes LW first it has a good chance of killing it Indo will be on 100/900 (depending on the dodge) with an incoming bleed (1300) if it chooses DSR and crits.

Monolo still tanks vs Gemini, Ardentis, Entelomoth, Mammolania, Magna, Indom II… Haven’t thought about the others, but I feel like this would be enough of a boost to get it somewhere out of low Apex.

That is literally the most useless swap-in. It’s probably more of a burden. Give it swap-in distract