The worst unique poll

As expected rhino seems to be the worse with stygi second and tura third. I’ll wait for more votes and then close it

Stigydaryx is pretty weak,I mean I suggest it goes into low apex.

I voted Monolorhino because, well. It’s the lowest tier.

I’d argue that giving Daryx a normal damage move should be an excuse for it to retain the Swoops. This is because firstly, Cleansing Swoop is essential, and secondly, Lethal Swoop would be way more useful if Daryx had a normal damage move, and could revenge-kill to wait out the delay.

So how about this:

~4500 HP
~1400 attack
~128 speed

•Superiority Strike
Defense-Shattering Impact
•Cleansing Swoop
•Lethal Swoop

•Swap-in Invincibility
•No Escape

That gives it revenge-killing potential, without messing with its current strengths too much. And I removed it’s Immunity to DoT.

~4800 HP
~1020 attack
~126 speed

•Long Decelerating Strike
•Distracting Shield
•Greater Stunning Rampage

•Medium Distraction-cleansing Counter
•On Escape Heal

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And swap in stun? Or is that too much

Ok,it was meant to be buffed to a standard or usable extent,not to break the game, I think that decelerating strike is enough instead of Long decelerating strike and maybe those passive abilities ,a maximal counter will make up,and maybe 1 or 2 partial immunities,not to the extent you mentioned.

That might be too much. I don’t think it really needs an SIA anyway.

And looks like rhino gonna finish first by a long shot.

:upside_down_face: are we looking at the same post? What about it is game-breaking?
Long Decelerating Strike makes up for the loss of a Deceleration multiplier move like Decelerating Impact.

How would that make it less broken? Wouldn’t that worsen the problem, if anything?

Diloracheirus would be benefited by at least some form of nullifying. Not exactly ideal but there’s not a whole lot of ways it could be introduced into its kit. Maybe Nullifying Rampage&Run could be something created for it?

Health: 4500 ( from hatzegopteryx)
DMG: 1400 (from stygimiloch )
SPEED: 129 (from Darwin)
ARMOR : 10 (improve)
Crit: 5
Presice shattering strike (better version of DSS)
Lethal strike (improve)
Lethal swoop (a better version of swoop)
Long invincibility (a greater version of shielding strike)
Swap in invincibility
*Immune to swap (improve)
*Immune to decel
(It can have one or both of them)
So, this version its really powerful, it can swap in and take out anything without a breaking shield or nullyfing move and get out without a single scrath (obviously nothing with immune to bleed)
I take out “no scape” because it would be really op
The idea it’s to swap in stygidaryx, long invincibility->lethal strike -> lethal swop,
I think it’s really op, because it does a lot of damage even if the enemy its immune or a dodger, and its bulky enough to last 2 turns at least

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My Dream


HP: 4500
DMG: 1000 => 1200
Speed: 128

Superiority Strike => Shielding Strike
Cleansing Swoop (Damage increased to 25.1% - sometimes two swoops don’t kill a dino)
Lethal Rake: 33.4% damage for 3 turns. Does not trigger counters. Delay 0, Cooldown 2.
Defense Shattering Impact

Swap-in Invincibility
Immune to Damage over Time
No Escape

Shielding Strike - From Stygmoloch
Going first for a DOT dino is not actually that useful and Stygi’s damage isn’t really worth “undistracting”. Going second allows Stygi to cop a hit (with its big HP pool) and swap into something else. Shielding Strike would make it more useful against the cloakers (which are vulnerable to shields).
Cleansing Swoop - From Darwin :smiley:
If you touch this move, I will be angry (other than a tiny damage buff so it works properly).
Lethal Rake - From Darwin :smiley:
So one of Stygi’s trademark things is that it is great vs ‘counter’ dinos like Dioraja & Grypo. Unfortunately to lay down that Lethal Swoop, it needs to cop a counter for a Superiority Strike (which is awful). While I do sometimes use Lethal Swoop as intended (i.e. to swoop) I mostly use it after swap in, in which case it would work exactly like Lethal Rake but without the 1 turn delay. Now Stygi can Wound, Swoop (a bit like Spinatosuchus).
Defense Shattering Impact - From Darwin
I don’t think Stygi should be a damage powerhouse, but having something to fall back on against immunes (so it isn’t 100% 1-sided) would be helpful. Stygi can’t compete toe-to-toe, but it would give it better revenge-kill capabilities and ‘hero’ capabilities (Swap-in Invincibility + DSI).

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Closing time

I mean,2 rampage moves and a passive Cleansing,that is not really amazing,Maybe:-

Superiority Strike
Greater Stunning Impact
Rampage and run

Medium Counter Attack

Immune to Stuns

Health: 4600
Attack: 1200
Speed: 124

Utarinex is not in the worst 3?

The passive only cleanses Distraction, because my version lost Superiority Strike.
The two Rampages are already there.
The stats are unchanged.

Ok,I know that it already has 2 rampage moves,what I mean is that combined with cleansing+Distraction. I thought it was Cleansing itself and adding Distraction to the opponent

No no lol. It’s Medium Distraction-Cleansing Counter, meaning it Cleanses Distraction.

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Medium Superiority Counter