The wrong medals started early in this one

At the first couple of hours in this tournament I faced a friend who was at 1.2k medals while I was under 1k, and of course, I lost -40.

Just another common week on Jurassic Ludia World… moving on.


Had a limbo of winning and losing 20 medals for half an hour. Then normal numbers for loses came, while still got 20 for a win.

They should make 30 medals lowest amount you can get for win.

We all know the frustration. I started looking at how we compare trophy-wise in the arena and the +/- value seemed to coincide with where we were ranked in the arena, not the tourney. If you haven’t checked arena rankings after tourney battles it might be worth looking from time to time. Seems like my +40 wins in the tourney are when I beat someone higher ranked in the arena and vice-versa.

I haven’t recorded any data on this - just an observation.

I’ve tried to observe this a long time ago, but it’s not always like that. Sometimes the medals won really are what they should be… sometimes…

C’mon now, how can I face teams with two boosted 28 and lose 40 medals?? This is ridiculous!!

My rank is 42, I play to 2 top 15 players and I lose 40 two times… Just a problem… So boring…

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My rank is 664 and I lose -40 to a team I get swept by. I feel ya.

How is it that i am in 45th place and i beat the person in 7th place and only get 20 trophies? Then i beat people under me and get 40. Is the amount of trophies won random and is not effected by the player you are fighting?

I fight people in the top 50 in the arena when I’m in gyrosphere and only gain 20. It can’t be that

Lost 4 matches in a row in the tourney, -40 each loss. I’m now a solid 140 below my score now. I highly doubt all those losses were ppl way below me either, not with the high level epics they had.

Ludia please fix trophy plus/minus. It occurs all the time in regular matches and tourney. The algorithm doesn’t make sense. (For example in regular I was at 5700, lost to rank 300 player sitting at 6050, lost 39 trophies)

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I’m in that boat too.

Played a few tourney battles this evening and ended up with less medals / lower ranking despite winning more matches than I lost (won 6, lost 4).

One lost match in particular was against a much stronger team (including a hyper boosted level 30 you-know-who). Still lost 40 medals for the experience.

When the tournament is pathetic like this one, the medal crap system gets even worse… Total waste of time

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Great. Just beat number 9 and i am 46 and yet still 20 trophies. I have been beating people below me for 33-40 trophies.

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I am in 52nd place and beat the number 8 guy. What did i get? 20 trophies. I think the amount of trophies won per kill is random.

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