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TheDemonDino’s are Recruiting

TheDemonDinos are looking for people to join our alliance. We are a casual alliance with some hardcore players who are around to help each other out. This week we will get 9/8 in the weeklies with only 36 members. We have also beat both mortem and lux as an alliance, helping the lower lvl players however we can.

We are a member of ARK and have access to L20 sanctuaries. Check out our other information and requirements in the following image:

If interested DM me on discord: toner86 #1521

If you’re open to an alliance merger, we are open to that as well.

update to recent alliance weekly missions:

i dont have discord, and i hate that every alliance needs discord… it drives me nuts.

is there a reason you don’t? We have co-op sanctuaries that are shared with 12 other alliances, so coordination needs to be more robust, plus we put raid strategies together for lower level players so it is easy for them to follow and get the dna.

We don’t require that you use it all the time, even one of our co-leaders barely uses it, but we require people to at lease check in time to time. I know it can be frustrating but it helps us hit higher rewards with less people, we did the above with 36 people this week.

i ant use it cause im 16 and my mother is very controlling of what i can use.

i do complete all other requirements needed, im lvl.13 and have just under 3000 cups.

sorry to hear that. if things change, let me know. we want active people who can abide by our rules but we are flexible. our one exception to the discord rule is if two people in a family/house are in the alliance. we have a father and son where the son does not use it but the father does any required coordination.

i dont think im gonna be able to get discord at any point, but thank you anyways.

if you want to friend me in game to add to raids, my in game is toner86 #0253. if you do get discord, reach to me there and we can let you in

ok, my in game name is Mortis. just letting you know for when i add you.

TheDemonDinos are looking for active players. If you want a community of people who enjoy the game and enjoy working together, this is the alliance for you.

Our Benefits:
-Always ready to raid, we are international and have people from all over that can set raids up to help you out. We also use strategies to help lower level players beat the raids.
-2 or 3 lvl 20 Sanctuaries, we are a member of ARK and always have 2, but sometimes set up a DNA farm for a voted unique so all of its components are there. Everyone gets to vote on what goes into the lvl 20 sanctuaries as well.
-Every week we consistently reach 9/8 exploration and defense incubators, but have been getting 10/8 recently without a full alliance.
-An active discord channel, with lots of tips, strategies, daily rewards, team and tournament advice, and just a place to talk freely
-Higher level players request common dna to help others get more coins throughout the week
-International Alliance, current members in US, UK, Germany, Japan, SEA, and South America, but english is the main communication method.

Our minimum requirements:
-Join discord, we do most of the communication through it and it helps coordinate raids for people
-10 take-downs in the alliance tournament.
-Your minimum trophy count should be 2000 or higher (>badlands) so u can participate in the tournaments.
-Do not place dinos in the lvl 20 sanctuaries, it takes a lot of coordination to maintain it.
-Do not demand dna, we all want certain dinos and donate what we can, event exclusives are in the lvl 20 sanctuaries for everyone to get their dna
-Be active

If the rules sound good and fair to you, message me on discord toner86 #1521 with your in game information (game tag and trophy count), we don’t accept players while the tournament is taking place though.

If you have a small alliance we would be open to a merger, it has worked for us in the past and gets your alliance everything they need instantly.

Me and a friend of mine are very active players looking for a very active team. We are powergamers, and fulfill easily all of your requirements. We are level 18 and 16 with 4750 and 4250 trophies.

Let me know if we can be of help.

message me on discord with your gamer tag and i will send you the link to our discord server. We’d be happy to have you.

TheDemonDino’s need a few more people, we have 5 spots open for active players who use discord. We require the following:

  • minimum 2000 trophies so you can participate the tournaments
  • 10 tournament takedowns
  • Need to use discord, we use it for coordination and for raids. we have strategies that work and can carry lower level players through.
  • do not place dinos in the co-op sanctuaries. We are a part of ARK CiD and have access to two lvl 20s that are highly managed and that YOU get to vote on the dinos in it.

Otherwise have fun, we are an alliance that understands this is a game and that family/friends/work/school, etc. all come first.

We have hit 10 in exploration and 8 in defense the past two weeks, even with less than 40 members, so come help us get take it up another step.

Message me on discord @ toner86 #1521 prior to applying in game. Let me know your trophy count and that you are good with the minimums.

We have 3 spots open! Last week we hid 10 exploration(Saturday) and 9 defense (Sunday). Message me if you are interested

Only 1 spot left! we would love to fill it before the tournament starts, we will be very close to Tier 8 this tournament.

Looking for one more active player, new minimum is 3000 trophies.

We have filled this last spot, i will update when we need a new person, feel free to reach out if you want me to keep you in mind

TheDemonDinos have 1 spot open for an active player.
What we offer:
-3 level 20 sanctuaries
-10 exploration and 8/9 defense missions
-discord with very active raid coordination, and a tracker to see who needs which raid still
-Tier 8 in 4 week tournaments and Tier 9 in 5 week tournaments
-Active group of people who want to help each other out

What we want from you:
-3500 trophies minimum, and battle often to help with missions (battles and incubators) and to keep trophy count active after reset
-10 takedowns in every tournament, don’t wait to the last minute
-Never place in a Co-Op sanc unless asked by an officer, hold off on side sanctuaries when building new lvl 20
-Use discord to communicate, especially for raids, it is mandatory for all members
-don’t spam raid invites

Please reach out to me first, we do not accept blind requests in game. Let me know that you understand our rules, send me your in game name and number, your trophy count, and what timezone you are in (so we can make sure other people will be on with you for raids). We have members from all around the world but mostly in US and Western Europe. A few in Asia and South America as well.

TheDemonDinos has 3 open spots to fill. Our sister feeder alliance has openings too but without the requirements of TheDemonDinos. Looking for people who like the battle and want to join a strategic alliance.

What we can offer:
3 lvl 20 sanctuaries,
Active group who raids often,
Lvl 10 exploration and Lvl 9 defense for weekly incubators,
Alliance Championship Tier 8 on 4 week months, Tier 9 on 5 week months,
International alliance with many in the US and Europe, a few in Asia and South America as well.

What we ask:
Minimum 10 takedowns every weekend before the in game timer says 2 hours left Discord is required but if you are seeing that here you should be good Be respectful and help where you can.
Minimum trophy count 3500 Contact me prior to applying, all blind request get pushed to the sister alliance Demon Dino Hatchlings