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TheFinestFuries has 1 opening! Taking down all 8s and a few (non-shellfire) 9s!

TheFinestFuries is an awesome little clan that is looking to fill one vacancy. We consistently take down every 8 star alpha and have recently conquered several non-shellfire 9s. (Woooo!) We are a friendly and competitive clan, but also a family. We’re all about helping each other grow and celebrating in each other’s victories. Teamwork, communication, a friendly attitude, and following clan leader instructions are essential.

Requirements to join:

  1. Prefer team power of mid-5k or above.
  2. Can do at least 100k damage to the alpha daily.
  3. Must use all 6 bolts on take down days and monitor for instructions regarding using extras.
  4. Must join our discord server and check in when asked.
  5. Most have a friendly, team-player attitude and have a love of dragons!

That’s it! We’re low drama here and win & lose as a team. Most of us have been together since day 1 and have grown from taking down 5s to taking down 9s. We’re all about communication and know that life happens, so as long as you let us know what’s going on, you won’t be kicked out for a few bad days.

If you’re interested in joining our family, please send me a PM with a screenshot of your roster and tell me about your alpha damage (what level you’re fighting and your average damage).

regarding shellfire, i had not seen his humongous nose for a long time now. are they removing him temporarily @Marcus @Ned?

We just fought one today, but I think it had been a bit for us too. Maybe made less common?

That’s because he’s been replaced by the Violet Death :wink:

He is still there. We’ve fought him many times recently

I’d like to join if you still have an opening. I have a 6k team. Regularly doing 80k-120k damage.
My ID is Gabbi#3309

I do not have Discord, but can sign up.

I sent you a PM! :blush:

Still looking for 1 team member!