TheFinestFuries is recruiting! Taking down all 8* alphas and reaching for the 9*s soon!

TheFinestFuries is a wonderful group that’s been established since Day 1 and is looking to improve some more! We’re currently taking down all of our 8* alphas, but due to a few members not pulling their weight, we’re looking for 1-3 replacements.

We’re all super friendly and very competitive, but not against each other. We’re always working to help each other improve our rosters and cheer on each other’s successes. No drama here!


  1. At or above 5k dragon power
  2. Absolutely must use all 6 bolts on take down days and be available to follow instructions regarding using extra bolts when necessary.
  3. Need to consistently do 80-100k+ damage daily in alpha battles
  4. Must join us on our discord server and follow instructions regarding energy usage. You aren’t required to chit chat if you don’t want, but must monitor the alpha chat.
  5. Must have a friendly, team-player attitude with a love of dragons!

If this sounds like the place for you, please send me a message with a screenshot of your roster and tell me about your alpha skills :blush:

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Hi! I am looking for a new clan. My power is 5400 currently. I am active, daily player. I hit around 70-100K/alpha. Is it strong enough?

do you have spot for 2? have 4800bp on both

Hey there,

We filled a spot this morning, but have a few members that we are closely watching for participation. If we decide to replace more members, I can certainly let you know :blush:

Still looking for 1-2 new recruits!

Power 6,000 can use all 6 keys. Need active guild like you. If I meet your qualify, please tell or let me join your discord.

That sounds great! Can you send me a screenshot of your roster and tell me about your alpha damage? What level alphas are you facing now?

Now, We can kill 6* Alpha. I can hit around 120k damaged

Great! I sent you a private message with our discord link!

I cannot find that link, where is it bro?

We’re still looking for 1 new member!

Still have one spot open!