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TheFinestFuries Recruiting Members for Alpha Battle

Hi guys, our clan currently recruiting new blood to join us for alpha battle, we have successfully hunt down a 6 star Alpha without full members involvement, to further increased the odds of victory, we would like to look for people who

(1) actively involved in alpha battle
(2) BP near or more than 4.5k

Feel free to reply below if interested, TQ… :grinning:

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anyone would like to join could PM @Spiro or @Mama_Fury or me.
This clan is about activity, so, keep in mind for those who want to always defeat 6* alpha and beyond, this is your chance.

See you guys…


One slot available :grin:

Can I join? I am in a clan that can’t even beat a 3star alpha . Only 10 players are active.My roster is 4662…and I am crying for this…they have just let the 3 star dragon escape.