TheGamingBeaver got cheated by ludia

Instead he has 941 cups he now has 404 cups which is a shaming ludia. How could you do that to a famous youtuber who spends a lot of money in this game and this is what he gets?

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You do realize those pictures are randomly put on people, or did he actually have his tournament reset?


That is real i screenshot it, he was shocked.

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Based on his video, his tournament dumped approximately 500 trophies due to some sort of server hiccup. This is part of the reason many of us document our tournament progression. It gives proof of progress which can be used as evidence if something like this happens. And as shown by GB’s video, it can happen to anyone.


ah, sad. very sad…

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It was probably not intentional, these glitches can happen to anyone, gaming beaver will be compensated not because hes a famous youtuber though but because he pretty much secured dom and has video proof of this also.