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Theme Team experiments (for fun)

As some of you who read my comments may know (I do feel like a stuck record sometimes) i have reached a point where I have set myself my own goals - that of getting all non-hybrids up to 20th and only using the two canon hybrids.

With that in mind I have set myself another task for the fun value. Starting a few weeks ago I decided to play theme teams. I would include the two big bads just in case my theme for the week was not going to be good, as they would help prevent me falling too far and then hammering lower players when i changed theme. But the other six dinosaurs/animals would be put to that theme,

Week 1 was Commons. I fully expected to get squished playing this but the Common team actually kept me about the same trophy level throughout that week’s play. It actually made me think that perhaps Commons are underrated.

Week 2 was Rares. This team did not do me well at all and I had to make some frequent changes. I found there just wasn’t the variety in Rares and nothing really gelled together. Even with the big bads supporting me I dropped from the top of Sorna Mashes to the bottom of Lockdown.

Week 3 was Epic week and this changed things round nicely. I quickly climbed back up to the middle of Sorna Marshes. The only disappointments here were Pyroraptor and Spinosaurus G2. Neither of these held up as decent Epics during this week.

As I don’t play hybrids outside of the canon two I skipped Legendary and Unique (not sure I have enough for a team of Uniques anyway). Currently I am playing a Carnivore only team this week. I’ll update that on Sunday when I change teams.


Like how you kept indominus and “Alita” in the roaster, at least that was a backup plan if the roaster wasn’t working


Exactly. One thing I didn’t want was to drop and then when teams change, smash weaker players on the way back up. When doing this, I felt that there has to be a fall back just in case.


Week 4 has been big bads plus carnivore only. Only changes to this list was to replace pyroraptor with Velociraptor, who in turn got swapped out on friday for Allosaurus G2 simply because I wanted to play it.

This list did me fantastic. I roared back through Sorna Marshes and up into Jurassic Ruins! Really pleased with it.

This week coming will be big bads plus herbivores only so I fully expect to plummet right back down again.



I love theme teams- especially for friendlies. Some of these are “non-cannon” hybrids, but I really like my herd of sauropods.


Looks good. :slight_smile:

I do have a sauropod only team planned which should be interesting.

I like playing the theme teams. I usually find they are not very balanced but they are fun anyway. Since I don’t care about trophy’s and don’t mind loosing sometimes repeatedly, it makes playing more fun with the exception of running into someone’s over leveled and over boosted dino that wipes my team so that I don’t actually get to play.


My lists at the moment:



Marine (none available yet).
Pre-Mesozoic Animals.
Triassic Animals (not enough animals yet).
Jurassic Animals.
Cretaceous Animals.
Cenozoic Animals.
Hadrosaurus (not enough animals yet).
Ceratopsians (not enough animals yet).
Stegosaurs (not enough animals yet).
Ankylosaurs (not enough animals yet).
Jurassic Park.
The Lost World.
Jurassic Park 3.
Jurassic World.
Fallen Kingdom.
Animals of North America.
Animals of South America.
Animals of Europe.
Animals of Asia.
Animals of Africa.
Animals of Australia (not enough animals yet).
Animals of the Middle East (not enough animals yet).
Animals of Antartica (None available yet).

And then I’ll start over again from the top.


A nice theme team to build would be to only use dinos in the weekly special event drop. So like for this last week to use the pinning dinos, etc

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I can’t decide what name I like for this theme team:

  • Oodles of Noodles
  • Cup of Noodles
  • Spaghetti

A+ team, working on getting all those noodles, myself!


Week 5 was the two big bad’s and herbivore week. This was a theme week were I really thought I was going to do badly but somehow this team turned the Arena around for me. I even rose up as far as 3800 trophies which I thought was amazing. Colour me surprised.

Week 6 though is the pre-mesozoic week which means I am really going to suffer some defeats and strike towers will not be easy. Should be fun. :grinning:


Oodles of Noodles sounds great.

After 1.9 is released, I’m going to try this team out for fun. As of this point, immune teams are weak but 7 of my guys here are getting buffed. “Maxine” will actually be gaining “Unique” quality with the added hp, damage and armor.


Looks like a nice team. Good luck.

Week 6 of my theme team experiment was animals from before the age of dinosaurs. Unfortunately I accidentally cheated and included Koolsasuchus (a cretaceous amphibian) for a couple days. As soon as I realised I sorted it.

This list was fairly terrible and the two big bad’s pretty much carried it through the week. Although Diplocaulus was probably a real nuisance for some opponents. It was fun but tough. Had to work hard to keep myself in Jurassic Ruins but I managed it with out a short drop back to Lockdown.

This coming week would have been animals of the Triassic but as there are only two in the game presently (nundasuchus and postosuchus) so it will animals of the Jurassic instead.

Week 7 should have been Triassic animals but as JWA only has two at present, I jumped to Jurassic animals instead. This team did okay but not great. It kept me mid Jurassic Ruins so I can’t complain. Although lower level I had to include Allosaurus G2 just to get an extra chopper on the team.

Didn’t see much of the big bad’s this week so at least the team could hold it’s own.

Starting from today week 8 will be Cretaceous animals plus the two big bad’s. More choppers to choose from so should do well.

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Week 8 of my theme team experiment is over and this time it was the two big bad’s plus Cretaceous dinosaurs. This week I did phenomenally well as it crushed most opponents and took me up to a whole new level of the Arena.

Next week is Cenozoic animals which are just not that good so could be a week of falling back down the Arena levels again but we’ll see. :t_rex::sauropod:


Week 9 is complete. What can I say only that cenozoics are not great. Even with the big bad’s as support I am surprised that I remained in Lockwood. Just not enough damage output really. Interesting week though.

Next week will be terrible though as week 10 is pterosaurs. Wish me luck as I’m going to need it. :sauropod::t_rex:


You did a bad
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