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Theme Team experiments (for fun)

My theme teams (that I plan to do when I can)

  1. Arizona: Sonorasaurus*, Dilophosaurus, Dilophosaurus G2 (more coming)

  2. 2.2: Glyptodon*, Velosrhacos , Andrewsarchus*, Acrocanthosaurus*, Troodon*, Eremoceros*, Skonorasaurus*, Acrocanthops*

  3. 2.1: Sonorasaurus*, Doedicurus, Eremotherium, Inostherium, Entelolania*, Poukaidei* , Hadros Lux*, (Stegoceratops)

*: Do not currently have said creature
Note: Will ONLY be used for Common or Grey-rare EVENTS

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when is said “next time”

I guess I did say that. I had forgotten to be honest.

I’ve already started round 3 but give me a kick when we get towards the end again, and I’ll do it. :slight_smile:

U know i will.
Im coming for u

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Week 68 and the start of season 3, which was once again Common rarity creatures. I did better this time around than previously. I managed to spend the whole week hunkered down in the Sorna Marshes. The problem this week was the sheer number of opponent’s fielding Sarcorixis that was my downfall. I think I’d have been able to stay a bit higher up the Marshes if it wasn’t for those darn mutant crocodiles.

The choices this week were fairly simple really. I figured I needed some damage output while Irritator G2 and Tanycolagreus helps deal with those pesky dodgers. I decided to include Eremotherium as I had not had a chance to use her before and she didn’t prove all that worthwhile. Too many resilient creatures for her to be much cop and she was most likely the weakest link this time around.

A fun week to be fair and oddly, I feel I’m going to miss it. Next week is Rare week and I expect to have to cycle through a few creatures to find a decent team. Wish me luck. :t_rex:


Some suggestions:
Giraffe Titan
Rex g2


Andrewsarchus and Doedicurus are too low level and not helping. The other three are in though.

Week 69! Wow this has all gone very quick. This was again Rare week and I’m pleased to say that it went better than I expected. Previous Rare weeks have failed horribly but this time I spent the week with a roughly 50/50 straight so I was able to hold onto the Sorna Marshes. Oddly, I didn’t face anywhere near the number of Sarcorixis that I did last week and instead it was mainly Monololemetrodon everywhere instead. I wonder if that is something to do with the team strength and the matchmaking algorithm?

Normally I do badly with Rare week so I spent the first few days trying to find a suitable team that worked around the class restriction as well as being fun to play. I tried @dinoboy3645 suggestions but Andrewsarchus and Doedicurus are still too low level but the others were good options. I still felt that the team was average though but that is my thought on most Rare creatures anyway. The team above is what I settled on and it worked.

I prefer to play some damaging chompers as my core with some support options. I always like to include a Tyrannosaur where I can and poor Gorgosaurus never sees much love so she made the cut as well. Arctops has quickly become one of my favourites so she had to be included. Unfortunately it was the sauropods this week who were the let down. Normally both Argentinasaurus and Giraffatitan do quite well but not this week. They were the weak links this time.

As we go into Epic week now I fully expect, if past weeks are anything to go by, to find myself going back to at least Jurassic Ruins. Wish me luck. :t_rex: :sauropod: