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Theme Team experiments (for fun)

Why not snakes & cats , they have a history together, I’m sure I’ve seen vids of fights between them.

actually, maybe do birds that can fly? Haast, haast g2, pukaidei, and poukandactylus
I love birds and reptiles to this would be fun to see
So the choice for the team is yours(since there are 9 creatures and u could only use 8), just incorporate sneks and eagles pls!!!

She was okay. A little average in my mind but did well enough on the team. A good finisher for that week.

Unfortunately there aren’t enough which aren’t hybrids for either to do it and they, to me, are not really a combinable option for a theme team.

I still need to go through and add a Piscovore team for the next time around though.

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Week 76 and we are back to creatures of the Cenozoic. I generally find that a Cenozoic team is fairly hard to out together because while there are some good options the remaining creatures feel either underpowered or are support options. This time around I picked a couple favourites and then decided to try out the more recent additions to give them a good outing. I decided whatever happens that I would not swap anything out.

I did have a tough time in the Arena though. Again, I had a good run that would see me climb into Jurassic Ruins but then I’d get a run of defeats and fall back into the soggy depths of the Sorna Marshes. Some days it would take more ages to be able to get enough incubators from battles. While I did need encounter an specific opposing creatures or strategies, I did seriously have trouble with anything that could throw up shields.

Smilodon, woolly rhino and elasmotherium were my top creatures this week. They outperformed everything else when I had them available to me. Doedicurus and Glyptodon were good against the right opponents. Everything else was just disappointing. I still can’t see what all the fuss is with Eremotherium, and Amphicyon/Megistotherium felt like a real waste of time. Neither did me very well at all.

I was an interesting week to try out the newer Cenozoic creatures but I don’t think they will see much use in future unfortunately. Next week is pterosaurs week and I know based on past experiences that I’m going to have a seriously hard time with them. Wish me luck.


Pterosaur week:
Hp: Quetzalcoatlus, Hatzegopteryx, Arambourgiania, Alanqa
Damage: Alanqa, Hatzegopteryx, Scaphognathus, Quetzalcoatlus
Speed: Darwinopterus, Scaphognathus, Pteranodon, Tupandactylus
Crit: Any of them
Armor: N/A
Bleeder: Scaphognathus, Darwinopterus
Buffer: Pteranodon, Tupandactylus
Healer: Scaphognathus
Counter Attack: Pteranodon, Tupandactylus
Decreaser: Alanqa, Arambourgiania, Hatzegoteryx
Shielder: Alanqa, Arambourgiania, Hatzegopteryx, Quetzalcoatlus, Tupandactylus
Swap Prevent: Scaphognathus
Taunt: Alanqa, Arambourgiania, Hatzegopteryx, Quetzalcoatlus

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Eremotherium does best against Fierce creatures, against other classes it’s not particularly good, although it has better survivability than most Cunnings.

It’s also bad at dealing with debuffs other than DoT and Deceleration, and is obviously terrible at revenge-killing. Where did you find it failing?

I find Megistotherium shines when it gets to use its swap-in gimmick, otherwise it’s mostly unremarkable.


I might have better luck with Eremotherium if it didn’t have to dodge as it’s first move and I didn’t face dozens of resilient attackers. That is where I find that she doesn’t hold up. She needs to stay under dodge to survive. She has her moments to be sure but I just find her not that great.

Agreed but even then I find she get’s chomped before she can do much. Sometimes I swap in, get one attack and then she’s extinct on the next attack.

Week 77 and we’re back to pterosaur week. This has always been a bad week. As primarily a support option they just don’t do well on their own and this was no exception. In two days I dropped to the top of Lockdown where I flatlined out for the rest of the week against lower level but balanced opposition. It took a while to find traction with this team but it ended up being a game of swap and bleed, followed up by the big Azhdarchid’s dealing the final blow. Once I got the hang of that I did better.

I didn’t have much problem with specific creatures of tactics this week although I had a hard time getting round shields before being taken down. That was probably my only offensive issue, getting through said shields.

The Azhdarchid’s were most definitely the top creatures of the week. Quetzacoatlus ended up being my top runner which was interesting and normally in pterosaur week Alanqa steals the top spot. This time not so much.

The weakest link was without doubt Dsungaripterus who was frankly a waste of time. If she was on my team I would often start her off as a sacrificial goat for the most part. The others at least felt like they had more of a use.

Nice week. Fun to play the pterosaurs again but I won’t miss them as I move into sauropod week next. :sauropod: :sauropod:


Week 78 and the mighty sauropods walk the Arena once more. Right up, this was a tough week. I did better than I did previously with the pterosaurs but I wasn’t able to clear Lockdown and instead hovered just below Sorna Marshes. I had the means to deal with a lot of the threats presented to me but two types of creatures were so common this week that they prevented my climbing higher… stun and shields. Too many swap in stuns or sarcorixis, and if I didn;t have Diplodocus then I couldn’t get through shields and between them, they cost me a lot of games. I did use to have better luck with sauropods previously but I guess the meta has moved on since.

I think what also caused problems was that with Sonorasaurus added to the game, we have eight sauropods which means no option to include one of the big bads. Usually I would take Indoraptor but no need now, and she doesn’t have shield breaking abilities anymore anyway.

It was a fun week but I’m glad to be rid of them again for a while.

Dinosaur of the week was without a doubt Diplodocus just because of the shield breaking attack. Normally Argentinasaurus would have this spot but she failed quite badly this time around.

Weakest link remains Armagasaurus who had nothing to contribute except being the week’s sacraficial goat.

Next week goes back to the crocodilians so I might have better luck there. :crocodile:


Croc Week:
Try this team:
Ophiacodon (In case you face any turtles)
Koolasuchus GEN 2

Koolasuchus and Ophiacodon aren’t crocodiles but everything else is in.

do a feather theme
poukai or poukan
for nonhybrids use
erliko or/and it’s gen 2
haast or/and it’s gen 2

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The crocs are
Purasaurus Gen 2

So one big bad is allowed

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Yes but the only big bads allowed are those canonical ones.

Indominus Rex 1 and 2.
Indoraptor 1 and 2.

I have a birds, raptors and bird mimics teams coming up.

Week 79 and the return of the crocodilians team. We have seven prehistoric croc types so I was able to include a Big Bad to bring the team up to 8, and the obvious option for me was Indoraptor. This was a fairly terrible week and I was stuck in Lockdown right until the end. I wasn’t helped by the fact the game would not give my Indoraptor until Thursday but he helped get me back to top of Lockdown and just as the week ended in to the bottom of Sorna Marshes.

Crocodilians are not great in the game and especially so as a dedicated theme. Not enough damage output and their trick is to prevent opposing creatures swapping out, which often left me in a bad spot. A lot of the time I would have preferred their creature to swap out and instead I was left with something that could chomp me better than I could them. The biggest issue I had this time around was anything that could throw up a shield or distract me. In a way I was glad to be getting out of this week and into something more viable.

Creature of the week, Indoraptor aside, was Postosuchus without a doubt. She could at least heal herself and deal some damage out. it would have been Kaprosuchus previously but she’s been nerfed too hard to be top croc anymore.

Weakest link was Sarcosuchus. Hardly any damage output and only a bleeding attack to make her special. Like other weeks, she ended up bring my sacrifice so that other better creatures could survive.

Next week is ceratopsian week which will play out a lot better.


Oh lord, playing meta this week are we?

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Ceratopsians are just the next theme on my list. The swap and heal mechanics mean they’ll work better for me than the crocs did.

I wont be surprised if you climb all the way back up

At the moment I’m hovering around low Sorna Marshes. I’m not pulling Indominus and Indoraptor often enough yet to climb up properly but we’ll see as the week progresses.