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Theme Team experiments (for fun)

Week 80 and we’re just over a year and a half of the theme teams. This time we had all the ceratopsians in the game plus a couple big bad’s for damage support.

This was a very slow week to start with and I didn’t climb much even with the help of Indominus and Indoraptor. By the end of the week though I had begun flying back up and ended the week in the top end of Jurassic Ruins where I appear to have plateaued out.

The swap, dig in, slow and swap format for this team worked very well. Nasutoceratops and Triceratops G2 were the only let downs in this regard and they ended up being the sacrificial goats when I needed one. Shame really. I was pleased though that often this would still net me wins and I didn’t need to rely on the big bad’s for my death dealing. Ceratopsians made for a good team although with some opponent’s I felt bad because it didn’t really give them a game.

My weaknesses this week were an abundance of Sarcorixis (joy…) and creatures capable of throwing out shields. Sarcorixis was just about everywhere yet again. Those were basically the games I lost if I didn’t draw the Indominus or Indoraptor.

Creature of the week was without a doubt Sinoceratops. She is one of my favourites and did me proud out there this week.

Weakest link was Nasutoceratops. She doesn’t really fit the ceratopsian theme and has no means of healing (although Triceratops G2 doesn’t either I find her rampage worthwhile). For a creature which was a hard to come by exclusive for such a long time, Nasutoceratops feels underwhelming.

Next week is Stegosaur week plus the same big bad’s. Should be more of a challenge but hopefully not too bad.


Week 81. Stegosaur week. This was all our prehistoric stegosaurus currently in game plus the regular canon big bad’s to fill in the numbers. I have to be honest up front and just say that if it wasn’t for Indominus and Indoraptor, I wouldn’t have done very well at all. Those two basically carried this week. Because of them mainly I have been able to climb back into the Lockwood Estate.

Stegosaurs just don’t have the damage nor the range of abilities to be a fully viable team choice which is a shame. But they supported the big bad’s nicely where they could. Only real issues I ran into during this week were distraction based opposition and hard hitting chompers. Although… my first two battles once I returned to Lockwood Estate were teams made up of creatures levels 25 and 26 which were horrendous matchups.

It was a fun week but I’m glad to be done with it for a while although next week will be even worse I fear.

Creature of the week should probably go to Indominus but instead, Wuerhosaurus get’s that honour. She actually did the best out of all the stegosaurs for some reason. No one else came close to be as useful.

Weakest link was Kentrosaurus. For an Epic rarity she is actually a bit naff and doesn’t live up to the expectations. Disappointing.

Next week is Ankylosaur week and I’m glad I’ll have the two big bad’s to help out yet again because I can see this week being trouble. Wish me luck.


Hey at least ankly can do something and I think antarcto can do well

So far both Ankylosaurus are being next to useless. :frowning: Antarctopelta and Europlocephalus are doing much much better overall.

Suggested Team:
Ankylosaurus Gen 2
Indoraptor Gen 2
Indominus Rex
*I think IRaptor G 2 is better than the original so I prefer using it but it’s your choice so nvm

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That is what I have with the exception of it’s the basic Indoraptor, who I find far more viable than the G2 version.

The best team you could then get according to me would be:
I Rex

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Scolo or Euoplo wouldn’t be too bad either

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If I could only have four though, it would have to be four ankylosaurs. The hybrids wouldn’t get a look.

How’s nodo doing cause I know it’s not that strong

Not too bad. I’d say average out of the group. Euplocephalus is doing the best.

That’s surprising. I thought Scolo would do better than Euoplo.

Scolosaurus is okay but I’ve favoured Euplocephalus over the other Ankylosaurs since day 1. She can deal damage nicely while the others end up being defensive speed bumps.

What about pelta?

She’s not been too bad. Mine is only 19th level and not boosted. She has had her moments but could be better.

Well, Antarctopelta is currently the best ankylosaur in game

So I have read but personally I’m not convinced.