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Theme Team experiments (for fun)

You would have thought so, but Goronops was rather average for me. Arctops performed much better.

arctops does more dmg then gorgo. arctops can do 4200 in two turns while gorgo does 4050

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Even if their not canonical why don’t you put epic hybrids/rare hybrids that meet the criteria in the team just so you don’t always have to use the big bad? Eg aquilamimus/procerathomimus for the mimic week and velocirhacos for the bird week :muscle:

Because I don’t want to. I’m only interested in the actual prehistoric creatures and those hybrids that are canonical to the series.

I do create and in some cases level hybrids to clear the dinodex and help in Alliance raids.


Fair point It wouldn’t change it too much but I suppose they aren’t cannon so that’s a good reason

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I’m not a competive person (to play hybrids) and I started JWA because I’m a lifelong fan of prehistoric creatures and the JP films. Playing this way brings me more enjoyment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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