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Theme Team experiments (for fun)

Week 11 was the big bad’s and sauropods. This was a tough week. I had little real damage output and not fast enough to stop most dinosaurs thrown against me. I did quickly drop out of Lockwood Estate and down into Jurassic Ruins but midweek it all turned around and I climbed back up into the Estate although I’m really sure how I did it.

I enjoyed playing them far more than I did the pterosaurs. Next week is crocodilians and I know that might be a very tough week. :crocodile:

IDK, immobilize is a really good move: just remember to use it carefully

It did help as did swap in slow effects.

just use it after a priority or a distracting move and it’ll be a full stun

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Week 12 has been big bad’s and the prehistoric crocodiles. To start with this was a really difficult team to get working. Even with the big bad’s I dropped down into Jurassic Ruins again. Then when the 1.10 update dropped mid week everything changed. I flew back up into Lockwood Estate and even managed my best ever trophy score. Somehow!

Post update Kaprosuchus was crocodile of the week, her swap in move saving my bacon on many occasions, even taking down some unboosted Dracoceratops! Yay!

Next week should have been Ornithopods but there aren’t enough yet in the game so I’ll be fielding Ceratopsians. Should be a good week. :sauropod::t_rex:

True, Swap-in stunning strike is really handy right now

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Week 13 was the big bad’s and Ceratopsians week. To start with this was a difficult challenge and I lost a fair few battles. Mid week things turned around but by then the team was a one trick swapping pony that was running into immune hybrids.

And yes, I am partly cheating by including Stegoceratops but since the hybrid does appear on Henry Wu’s computer screen near the end of Jurassic World I was willing to accept it to fill out the number of available ceratopsians.

Next week is stegosaur week. I might need all the luck I can get. :t_rex::sauropod:

Stegoceratops would be pushing it, but it’s at least canon if you pause the movie at the right time. Was running Nasuto hard because it’s so under leveled compared with the rest of the team?

Exactly and I wanted to play ceratopsians. :grinning:

Yes it was but as a swap in stun and sacrificial beastie it did its job.

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I kind of want to do what you’re doing with the team themes, but I’ve mostly just been using whatever I unlock since they’re all new to me.


That’s a good way to do it. In fact for probably the first 6 or 7 months of the game after launch I just used the eight highest level dinosaurs I had. That did me well for that time.

As for what I’m doing… well… I’m not a competitive player. I have no desire to climb the rankings. I picked up JWA because I wanted to play dinosaurs not hybrids. You will also notice that there isn’t a lot of variety in the dinosaurs used either for the most part. I had loads that never saw the light of day so I decided to just play theme teams for the fun of the game. Win or lose I would have fun playing prehistorics and seeing how specific themes worked out. The only caveat, Stegoceratops (last week and next) which got a shoehorn in, was that the only hybrids would be the two canon ones from the films. Their role is give me a chance to not freefall if I have a bad theme and to stop me getting low enough I pummel lower players on the way back up.

Ultimately, for me, its playing the game the way I want to. Actual prehistoric animals and for fun.


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Eventually I might try an all hybrid + regular team, but they share some connection, like all birds or sauropods etc.

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Week 14 has been ceratopsian week. Once again to make the numbers up, I slightly cheated and kept Stegoceratops for the reasons stated under week 13. This was a tough week and to start with I did not do well. Mid week (always seems to start with a losing streak and gets better) things turned around. The lack of damage but handy abilities really shows that members of the stegosaur family are just support dinosaurs.

Kentrosaurus was a bit of a wet lettuce though. I expected an Epic rarity to be better. Instead it was Stegosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus and Wuerhosaurus that really shined this week.

Next week should have be Ankylosurus but there arn’t enough so I will jump to the raptors.

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WELL! Ludia!
we need another epic Thyreophoran!

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Week 15 was Raptor week. All I can say is that I’m glad this one is over. Even the Pterosaur week did better than these girls. Although I didn’t drop out of Lockwood Estate, it was a real slog trying to win battles for the incubators. Strike Towers were easy though.

Overall, a bit disappointed because I remember when Raptors were really good. I didn’t expect to do great but I expected better.

Next week is dinosaurs from Jurassic Park so fingers crossed I should do better.

LOL, why did you mentioned me :joy:

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I could have told you raptor teams were bad. If I want to drop trophy’s with quick battles while getting some quick take-downs for DBI’s those are exactly what I would use. Those are fun to play being predominantly fast in that you usually get the first hit.

Although I use hybrids on my themed teams, this raptor team actually held its own.

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I knew they wouldn’t be great but I thought they would do better than my pterosaur week.

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Week 16 has been big bad’s plus dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. A much nicer team that I’ve had recently and one that could again hold it’s own for the most part.

The only issue I faced this week was a succession of overly boosted stun based dinosaurs for some reason. Managed to stay put in Lockwood Estate though which was good.

Next week is dinosaurs from The Lost World.

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Week 17, and this week was the two big bad’s plus dinosaurs from The Lost World. This proved a really difficult week for some reason. Had a hard time winning battles but I didn’t drop out of my current Arena level. I think the problem was that I didn’t draw the big bad’s enough to make a difference and I faced a heck of a lot of stun and nullify based teams.

I had originally included Pteranodon but swapped it out to give Parasaurolophus a try. I think my problem was not enough damage output with this team.

Next week is the big bad’s plus dinosaurs from Jurassic Park 3. Really will need some good luck there. :sauropod::t_rex:

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