Theme Teams with Apex Leads

I’ve been playing my snake team below and this team does decent when I get my Hydra anchor. I will name my teams after the Apex. So this is Team Hydra. There is only 7 snakes so I have Albertospinos as the 8th for a fill in but I like it because the bleed goes with some of the snakes. We could use one more snake, even if it’s a common.

Team Snakes

This is the next team I’m playing now, Team Arctovas. (Arc-tow-vas)
This team did OK on its first battle but I did get Testa drawn which bagged a 1st win with this team. I’ll see how this team really performs over the next days.

Team Antlers


I’m late to respond, but… Hail Hydra! :joy:


I feel like the next snake will be Gigantophis for sure.

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This is captain America now