TheNerdHerd is seeking highly active players

Hello there! Your nerdy alliance is looking for daily players devoted to the game as we are growing and climbing ranks!

We are an ARK alliance with a highly active, motivated, and fantastic group of nerds. Underdogs climbing the ranks as we got Rank 8, unlocking Ardentismaxima for almost the entire alliance, in the previous tournament. We talk strategy but also have fun as well, sharing memes and jokes. Kick ass, have fun, repeat. We are also very active in conquering Raid battles.

***ALLIANCE: TheNerdHerd
***ALLIANCE MISSIONS: 10/8 like clock work
***SANCTUARIES: 2 lv20 sanctuaries and plan on adding more in the near future.
***COMMUNICATION: Discord is required. As the in-game chats sucks lol
***ACTIVITY: Must be active daily. No zeros are allowed in the alliance.

We take pride in our alliance as we are made of kick-ass, team-first leaders.

Work smarter, not harder.

If you want to be a part of an actual team that aims high and is dedicated to the game
send me a message on discord: TheNerdyNomad#3127

Check us out on my YouTube channel:


Oooh! Hi! I love your videos!

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Thank you! I appreciate the support.

Not sure if this request is current but thought I would reach out. Looking for a new alliance. I am a level 20 daily player looking for more organization in the sancturies for maximum DNA yield. Please contact me if you still have an opening.

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We have openings. You can add us on me on discord TheNerdyNomad#3127

TheNerdHerd players will have access to 2-3 level 20 sanctuaries and the community farm sanctuary. These will include the latest dinos! Please join them on Discord @ TheNerdyNomad#3127 or private message on the Ludia Forums

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We now have access to 2 Lv20 sanctuaries!

Hi me and 1 other are very interested in your aliance and both have 4500+ trophies. We are very active and compete in tournaments each week.
We both have discord as well.

Please consider us and let me know if there is space
Thanks matt

We’d love to have everyone! Add me on Discord TheNerdyNomad#3127

Hiya, I’d love to be part of it! I’m Lvl 20, been playing since the start. Between 4,600 and 4,800 trophies. Looking for a friendly group willing to work together. :slight_smile:

We’d love to have you! Go ahead and add me on discord.

We still have a couple of open spots. Contact TheNerdyNomad on discord if you’re interested in fun raid teams, fun (and occasionally educational) chat, and kicking butt!


Is your alliance name a Chuck reference by chance? Or is it just a coincidence and you have no idea what I’m talking about

Idk what you’re referring too lol

We have grown since this was posted. We are now 10/9 in missions. Top 100 in tournaments. And have 3 lv20 sanctuaries. We are still recruiting! Message me on discord if you are wanting to join a very active and strategic alliance!


Thanks for allowing me to join your team, trainer2068629.

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