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Theories about the unreleased characters

Looking through the list of characters that are unavailable. I think Joao and Chase could be counterparts being police officer and fire fighter. Fei and Pamela have potential to be counterparts also. Then there’s Kelsey and Kevin I could see the cheerleader and the quarterback being counterparts. Maybe Roy and Robert as well. Nico and Queen B scream counterparts. Not sure about Skye

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Agree. They are likely pairings.
At first I thought Kev Miller and Gabe Scott might be counterparts due to somewhat similar appearance but their bios are so different that i gave up on that theory.

Maybe also Patrick and Phil could be counterparts.

I’m not sure a quarterback and a cheerleader would work as counterparts, unless they literally never talk about being a quarterback/cheerleader.

But maybe they’ll have overlapping stories, like Felicia and Jamie are both hunting OZO and the astronaut mentions the Norwegian punk rocker.

I reckon Kelsey will be a Buffy style vampire hunter though, so she might cross over with William Crone and possibly even Vitoria/Sage.

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It’s more of a USA high school thing/college dating one or other of the popular athletes. I also think Cain and Ian could be counterparts

Idk, I feel like Joao could be the counterpart of, I think is Matteo, the lion guy, since they both seem very outdoorsy. Also Joao is definitely the twin of Raphael, or at least a brother, they look very similar. (Also same last name ahahaha)

I think Matteo and Patrick are counterparts

Really hope Joao and Chase are NOT counterparts. I’m looking forward to both of them

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I feel dumb but uh…where are you seeing unreleased characters?!

Like Kevin, Roy, Kelsey, Fei as an example

Patrick gives me Eve/Alice vibes. Maybe it’s the beachy profile pic and the “no strings attached” bio, but I could see him being a late addition different gender counterpart.