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Theories, counterparts and storylines

I wanted to create this for anyone who has/ wants more info on storyline and counterparts! I know most of the storylines are grey for people, so if any come back we can post here. That being said…

Dr. VILE has just returned today!! And with it a huge revelation… for anyone who has done his story… there’s ap mention of F… well today I had the choice of asking if he and F dated… now, anyone remember swiping profiles and seeing a mysterious woman named Felicia Fatale… I think she’s F!!! Now her story is unavailable, but think about it! Now, while on their first mission F and Vile were looking into an organization that was using drugs on ppl… referring to Wyatt’s / Raphael’s storyline… while escaping the facility, VILE was attacked by something that left scratches down his face (he doesn’t know what happened)… now we know from W and R’s story that the drug was giving people mutant abilities… what if, now hang on with me, the scratches came from Cpt. Muffin!? What if there is no “owner” and Muffin was a human that was turned into a car from the drugs or they tested the drugs on a cat and turned him into a talking cat!? :exploding_head: We already know a lot of the stories play into the others… so it’s a possible… give me your thoughts! I’ll be updating this as I progress!


Dont forget the virus that infected Daniel’s lab rats and a scientist!!

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Yes! I was thinking on this one, but I haven’t gathered enough info to be confident, but if I was going to blame anyone… I would lean more towards the organization then Dr. Vile. The organization seems to want to push the boundaries and they don’t care who they harm, but Vile still cares about the human race (he states that a lot) he wants to disrupt the world, but not kill anyone. At least that’s what I’m picking up on. His latest addition to his storyline let’s you see a softer side of him, that at his core he just wants to better humans.