Theory about GEN 2s


I’ve always wondered where Gen 2s came from. It couldn’t of been natural selection or evolution because it takes a very long time for those to occur. What if the DPA created them specially to survive in the modern day?

The raptor squad and Tyrannosaurus GEN 2 were made by INGEN. The raptors in the canon were actual Raptor GEN 1.5. They were the first time dna was modified to make the creatures better. In Tyrannosaurus GEN 2’s old biography, it was stated that it was made to fight indom.

That’s it right, no more GEN 2s in the lore? Well no actually. In the AMC incubator, you’ll see Triceratops GEN 2 which is weird right? Every other dinosaur in them are ones from the movies. You might be asking “But these were probably made by INGEN too?”. Well the main difference between Triceratops GEN 2 and the other 2 is the purpose of the modification. The others were made to train and be smarter while every other one was made to be able to survive better.

Since you are a part of the DPA, we know they can create dinosaurs using dna. So there’s the first theory about the story of the game.


they explain in game text on some of them already. they try to tweak them to make different dinos that they evolved from/into and instead get a different version of the original.


It’s Dr. Wu. He’s always tweaking something or other in that lab. (He was the head Geneticist for the original JP, the site B complex on Isla Sorna, and the Jurassic World Family Fun Park).

“Nothing we make here in Jurassic World is real” ~ Dr. Henry Wu


You’re correct - their DNA has been altered, they’re not natural.


None of them are “natural.”
Even the originals from Gen 1 were spliced with frog DNA to fill the gaps in their own code (for some reason). Additionally, they’re all female by design.

The dinos we see in the Jurassic Park franchise are all modified versions of what they would have actually looked like. Hammond says as much in the first movie with his story regarding the flea circus; people see what they want to see. So he created a working facsimile of dinosaurs and folks loved it, even though they’re -all- “unnatural.” Jurassic Park (and by extension Jurassic World) are just the flea circus, scaled up.


Very true, another example being the velociraptor bio in-game which says they were created much larger than their real-life counterparts.