Theory About Update 2.3

The wide majority of the forum thinks that 2.3 is one of the worst updates, and they have reason to believe this. From Ludia’s seemingly catastrophic creature updates and strange new geolocation that doesn’t fit with the environment in the world around us. However I do think that their were factors that contributed to the hatred towards this update; not just that it has bad features. The first issue I found is that this update was really hyped up. Only 3 days before the release notes Gamepress did a data-mine that found some awesome features in the games code however as seen in the release notes many were not finished and could not be put into the end product. The build-up of excitement to end in a “meh” update was the perfect formula for disaster. Instead of this update seeming “meh” it was bad because we expected more. I also think the developers know this update wasn’t going to be big because they never posted any teasers or anything. If the data mine wasn’t their this update would have came out of the blue. However many might say to @MINMI right now “well as much as it was hyped up too much the features were honestly bad and theirs no way to get around it” my response: I believe that their was going to be some sort of big feature planned for this update, but one thing led to another and delays caused it to not be ready in time for 2.3. But to makeup for this the ludia developers probably needed to just add some small quick features. That’s why their was the useless tips feature, useless geoloc feature, etc. Now what about the JWA creature “balancing” well… I think they wanted to do some creature updates because they just needed to add content so they just decided to change tiny things to make it seem like they were doing balancing while they weren’t, as you can see this backfired. In conclusion I really do think the Ludia developers were trying but uncontrollable circumstances led to the downfall of 2.3.

Sorry for the long post, I forgot to paragraph it :grin:


honestly, the geolocation thing would be a great “get out and hunt” feature that we are missing. but it’s coming at what equates to a horrible time. for now, what Ludia can do with it is to increase the number of short range points and add short range specific scents/ para lux scents to alleviate the fact that the community can’t effectively use the feature at this time.

And ludia doesn’t need to do creature balancing every patch if they don’t know what to fix/ couldn’t finish everything. Just tell us that there won’t be any this patch. we can deal with it. better to know what you want to do/ know how to fix some issues than to just blindly change something and hope for the best.


the developers don’t play it … that’s why they don’t see the problem…nothing will ever change

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How can a reverse of the balance given to Phoru be called a little thing?

And Smilo being nerfed along with Monostegotops?

Quite simply it seems like someone thought let’s see what we can do to really wind the players up this time …


A tiny snowball was given a little push down the hill a long time ago. A snowball meant to be fun and harmless. They called it boosts. But nobody caught it so it’s been rolling and rolling down, turning onto a huge snowball too big to catch and it’s now causing an avalanche… and as we know… no matter how big or small the initial impact… destruction will always be the consequence…


Actually their actions are from the point of view of a group think. Smilo isn’t used by them so nerf. Monostego annoys them nerf. Phorus is a raider so they have it boosted, buff. Same with Thora.

Geo locator thing is odd and prob has to be run to be judged in context. Might be not as bad as thought.

Boosts were never fun and harmless. They were an necessary evil for endgame players with full 30 squads.

They should not have been put in so early in the game rather be debuted this year same time with minor effects eg. 1% for damage and health and 1 speed tier for speed. They should also be reset updately.

I want an ideal 2.4, no buff to creatures that don’t need it, well hybrids, bug fixes and balance in pvp. I literally went from pvp and only play raids or I spend my time looking at the aesthetic models of the creatures :smile:

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Well we can wish for it

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What’s next for 2.5? Dino skins wearing masks telling u to stay at home? (actually that would be nice)

A very vocal minority think it is one of the worst updates - you’re probably talking less than 50; and bear in mind that some of these are also saying “nerf magna!”, “nerf rixis!” etc etc…

Those that like it (myself included) or are just “meh” don’t feel the need to shout about it.

Ludia did not hype the update; its hardly Ludia’s fault that someone felt the need to go snooping through the code and made the results public.


It’s not like anyone’s blaming Ludia for that

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But its an issue - so if the issue isn’t Ludia then its the community itself which is even more bizarre.


It’s not anyone’s fault for this update being hyped up. Ludia didn’t do it, they didn’t post a single thing to hype the community up. The Jurassic World Alive community didn’t do anything wrong we all just decided to look at the data mine which probably brought up our expectations however looking at a data mine is not criticizing the community in anyway. That’s why I say at the end of my post

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You can always edit for paragraphs lol


I don’t see why either scenario is bizarre, managing expectations is a pretty basic idea.
@MINMI is just trying to reason out why the update was received so badly (at least by the “vocal minority”), we’re not trying to hold anyone responsible here. Pointing fingers wouldn’t change anything anyway.


The update where(if) ludia removes boosts will receive 2k likes and probably thousands of hate mail.

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Look like someone never met 1.7.
But yeah 2.3 is not really an “update”

I said ONE of the worst not THE worst.

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oops my bad,but yeah,the feeling here is the same.
we feel that the team has not made much choice on this update.
So either way, I hope either that there will be hidden content, or that they took the opportunity to work fully on 2.4