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Theory - Are you progressing or treading water?

Just something for each player to consider, as a little test take note of your current rating and mark it down on paper or in a text file or something, do this each day/week and also make notes of when/if you spend and when you go on a losing streak (also during the losing streak check if boosts are for sale, I have another theory about that).

Keep track of this infomation and see if you are actually getting anywhere (as in moving up) or if you are stuck in quicksand and stuck in place.

I say about keeping this stuff written down because you cant go by your feelings day to day, as you will lose some matches and win some, but if you cross reference this with you notes you will see if you are stuck in one spot forever no matter how much you play/grind/spend.

Treading water is very profitable for a company, because it keeps the player exactly where they are, spending the whole time to try and get out!

Now, are you one of them? (might take a few weeks to see for sure).


Before the update I had plateau’d out in the middle of Lockwood Estate. Since the update I have been able to climb up into the Aviary, where I will probably plateau out again shortly.

Fair enough, but didnt they add more arenas to the system? so considering ovthers moved up, as you did, did you go anywhere relative to before?

I honestly don’t need to write it down or track it @Stiffeno. It’s not a feeling.

I made it into Library just three months ago. I remember how excited I was. Worked my way up to 5200 and have sat at almost this exact spot ever since - ranging from 4950 to 5350. Yes, a lot of folks are at this exact same space.

I get clobbered by the people who are spending a lot of money on boosts. Many of them have higher levle dinos as well (29/30) I run across a few (very few) folks that are unboosted.

I am not going to put on my tin-foil hat, but it does sometimes feel that perhaps it is designd to encourage people to buy boosts. Lidia’s roots are in gambling, so at the end of the day I would not be surprised if that came out somehow.


That is a good question but I would counter by asking does it make a difference? I moved up the Arena ladder so that’s a good thing.

Yep because I always read about players gaining a bunch of trophies after boosting or levelling, but then their team strength is “higher”, and pits you against stronger teams, knocking them back down again, so they hadn’t actually gone anywhere despite spending.

I was looking over some of my old videos and I seen a video from 7 months prior to stopping playing, and you know dispute the fact I played constantly, even spend from time to time, my battle skill improve due to experience, and my team was WAY better…and you know what, my trophies were actually 7 points HIGHER back then!

So in those 7 months, I made zero progress. Was VERY eye opening that was!


But if the ladder just got taller, did you go anywhere? :wink:

Anyway not saying you haven’t. just something to look into!


Since I don’t buy boosts -

I’m sinking… no more progression for me.


No matter how much DNA you collect, or how much you spend on Boosts, you will always end up at some sort or equilibrium where you win/lose 50% of the time.

Sure, you can spend $2,000 real money and create an equilibrium point 500 trophies higher than you are now, but you will still feel like it should be higher.

Spending money on Boosts and not really changing anything. It’s like a drug.


I agree for sure.

Another interesting thing is this “team strength” matchmaking algorithm they added when they added boosts, if levelling your team, or boosting it, increases your teams strength score, which in turn throws stronger opponents at you…has the purchase done ANYHING?

Edit: Like for instance your team just got stronger, but so did the opponent you are matched against, so has your relative power increased?

i’m kinda treading water. Leveled one creature and i’m currently loosing more than i would like at a time, but not horrible.

Try note down values if you want to so when you win a bunch of trophies and then lose a bunch, you can see if you have moved or stayed in place.

Like if you are 5000, and you boost and win 200, but then lose 200 a few days later, you are in the same spot, just less money.

I honestly think many players if they try this experience will see just what their personal situation is. I mean nobody would like to see that effect or money spent in a game has been wasted, but it may open a few eyes to their personal situation and potentially save money if they see all their purchases haven’t actually made a difference!

Edit: I remember when I levelled my Teno from 24 to 25, all the 127 speed Thors were changed by matchmaking to opponents with 135 speed Thors, so my relative team strength compared to my matched opponents remained the same…actually if anything worse because now they could outspeed more of my team, so that level up actually made my trophies go down!


with all the boost sales going on, i’m at least going to wait and see where i settle out. Lost roughly 200 trophies after leveling erlidom to 22.

I haven’t spent real money on the game since the Legendary incubator became relatively useless to me. I’ll admit i spent real money on them when it was a good power jump, the HC in them was kinda a bonus. Everything is just way too expensive to justify the price now.


Yeah the team strength thing is just dumb, it means that levelling or boosting your team, is actually also boosting and levelling the matched opponents! So the team increase you gain has no effect!

This system keeps a player in the same place despite spending.

Also consider this new team strength matchmaking came out the EXACT day boosts launched. Interesting indeed!

it is indeed interesting. they tried to fix something without seeing how the boosts would work against it.

I wouldn’t mind going back to trophy based matchmaking, but i do think the team strength should be implemented in lower beginning arenas. Don’t need new players getting discouraged too badly when facing those who can boost.


Ive been considering weather it was the team strength system working against the boosts, or if its the team strength matchmaking working FOR the boost sales.

Tin foil hat but I wouldn’t put it past them, if its profitable, its doable.

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But that IS the post-boost game @Stiffeno. Look at it like this… Ludia is a gambling company and so are very familiar with the Sunk Cost trap.

What is Sunk Cost? You put money into your dino, you start to move ahead, but wait! A couple days later you are now falling behind. “I am not going to lose what I have already invested in my Thor’” you say. So you buy more boosts to keep up with the people beating you.

It’s why gamblers end up losing so much in casinos. They are down, but think that if they just keep playing and spend a little more they can win it all back. And that’s the fallacy that Ludia is (literally) banking on.

It’s all about not letting you drop so far that you’re discouraged and give up, but keeping you right at that level of frustration where you’re certain you could break out with some more bossting.


Oh for sure, given everything ive learned, I wouldn’t in the slightest bit be surprised if the entire first year of the game was merely a “get players attached to their teams” phase…if we didnt love our teams, why would be pay to protect them?

Its also hilarious that talking about gambling and casinos isn’t against the forum rules lol


You mean like how under the old system boosts started off really cheap? and then got more and more expensive too maintain? :wink: giving less and less effect as the tiers went up, kinda sounds like building a tolerance to something :wink:

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Ah, flagged - wondered if that might happen. Sorry about that…

Every good ‘baker’ knows that if you want to sell more cakes you let a potential customer have a taste.