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Theory - Are you progressing or treading water?

About 2-3 months ago (not sure about the time), my team consisted of level 19-20 legendaries (I was barely dreaming about getting Tyrant uniques) and I was between 4600-4800 trophies. Now I’ve got level 24-25 uniques, mostly Tyrants, and I am 4900-5100. I think this is ridiculous progress.

I also suspect losing streaks happen when boosts are on “sale”. But no, I won’t pay even half the price they are now. 2000 HC for 1 tier is ridiculous.


Yep true!

And also considering that they added more arena’s (2 or 3 more?) those above you also moved up, so while your trophy number has gone up (a little), there are still the same amount of opponents ahead.

Like I posted earlier about the ladder, if you are standing on a ladder and you climb up 2 steps, but then they add 4 more steps on top (extending the ladder) you aren’t actually any close to the top then you were before!

Thats why I propose this little test, might be enlightening to some players.

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I’ll sit this one out. I aim to stay between 4k and 5k on both accounts. Both are at 4800 despite VASTLY different teams.

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Supposedly after 5k trophies were get only trophy based match making but im not even sure i believe that. Over the course of the last month… ive replaced a 22 rinex, 23 dilo, 24 utahsino. With a 22 idg2, 21 maxine, 21 magna.

So may team level has decreased and as such ive expected a trophy decrease as well. Maybe its those specific dinos but my avg team level has gone down and Im still sitting in low library.


Just something to show to make my point about lack of progress, these are old pictures but you will get the point lol


I’m steady. But I mostly stay in the same area range of 200 trophies up or down… But I have no boosted dinos currently. I still cause havoc on these boosted dinos with my team lol. When I beat a lvl 29 boosted up Thor type of team all I can do is giggle xD

A lot of people tell me if I boost I could be much higher with my team. But I’m too anxious to boost. Levels actually mean a lot now though.

But for lower arena guys/girls… lvl 21 to lvl 23 isn’t going to really boost your actual team in match strength much. But mm considers that it does. So one level may have a side effect. I guarantee you if you start getting lvl 25+ you will feel when you’re now the op bad guy and will climb up.

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Not that I’m saying your Philosophy is wrong but consider this thought as well:

before Alliance missions got settled and got organised I always had a steady progression with a losing and a winning streak (losing streak usually before a 12/24 hour inc came up) winning streak right after. But always ending up higher than I started over the course of a month.

Ever since the alliances got organised and aiming for the highest rewards I have a totally different experience. Cycle is repetitive every week now and looks like this:

start of the week I progress slightly encountering more or less the same team levels with the exception of a few that kick my behind 3-0 but mostly battles seem ok. End of the week alliances need the amount of battles and incs done which is impossible to do quickly in the highest Arenas due to competitiveness and lack of players so they drop.

Thursday/Friday you’ll see a lot of lvl 10 or even level 1 teams passing trough so you progress a bit more.

Then starting Saturday it’s Lockwood estate and Aviary where you’ll find them most. You’ll encounter everything from lvl 30 boosted Thor to lvl 30 boosted Rares. All in there to get the battle done ASAP and the incs done. By dropping they get the battles in quickly and by climbing back up using the lvl 30 they finish off and getting the incs done as well.

As the progression you made (battle points) while beating the lvl 1-10 teams is only 15-20 points per match you’ll now drop quickly as every battle you loose against the lvl 27-30 teams will cost you 25-40 points. Ending up right back where you started or even further behind. TMO this has nothing to do with a Ludia scam, it’s all about the Alliances getting the missions done. Add the players who dropped purposely to escape the 120 sec timer all the way up and you’ll be stuck right in the limbo spot somewhere just below or above Avairy.

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I’m around 5200-5300 now. Just yesterday, I got matched continuously against different players with dinos speedier and more powerful than anything I owned, and got knocked back a lot of trophies. Tried again later and managed to crawl my way back up, because the super-fast dinos stopped appearing all of a sudden.

That being said, lately I’ve added 6 levels to my team and around 3-4 boosts (balanced between them all). Haven’t progressed any further despite this.


New high today. 5534.
I keep progressing, getting a bit higher every season, but the differences are small.
I’m aware there is an equilibrium, I don’t care. Not spending money to get there anyway.

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I’ve stalled and am bouncing between mid-5800 and high-5900. I actually really like it here. Good mix of dinos to face. Can be challenging finding a match since only about 1 on 5 get me a real player. If I want to experience a real beat down, I can not press the AI button and get matched up against a top 25 team and experience an 0-3 slaughter.

You also have to remember at the season reset everyone above 5500 trophies gets reset to 5500. This causes a domino effect that hits us all pretty hard that are below that 5500. I hover around 5300 trophies so on the reset I feel it right away. The December reset I loss over 300 trophies on Monday and nearly fell into aviary. It takes a about 4 or 5 days for the dust to clear at my level but I could imagine that people down in Lockwood take over a week to get back to normal.

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Is blue in the face from talking about it so much

Less than 1% of the playerbase will ever see the last arena until ludia finds a faster way to introduce net-new trophies into the system.


Wrothgar can I see your face? It would be the first Blue I’ve seen in awhile. I’m basically hovering from 5100 - 5300 for months now.


Its kinda worse then that though when you consider there are 220,000 players currently above 90 trophies… and 10k players above 5k trophies.

So like 5% of the population is currently in library or above.


What percentage of that 220,000 would you guess are alt accounts?

Id guess around 20k… atleast total alt accounts.

Great point :frowning:

And lol @MrBig - my wife and I saw one (her phone only, love the android and iPhone discrepancies) and as she threw the first dart our daughter (whos off at college) called :joy:

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Pfft I mean

It’s not like I’m facing more boosted creatures cause if those sales I mEaN who would be dumb enough to spend money on them :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


But seriously I’m stuck in this gap between 4,700 and 4,900 like I’ve been there since boosts were introduced

I did worse after the 1.11 update.
Now I am last in my alliance with 5760 trophies. Used to be the top 3. :sob::sob::sob: