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Theory: Clementine and Sally are Related

After seeing a picture of Sally on a Facebook group post, I can see that Sally and Clementine look similar. They both have long red hair, pale skin, green eyes and freckles.
Also, according to the Lovelink Wiki, they’re both shy but really smart and like books.

So I have a theory that Clementine and Sally are somehow related. Cousins, maybe?

From what I’ve heard about Sally she’s manipulative and not a nice person. She’s engaged to Marco or Hugo yet had feelings for their friend Taylor. She gets jealous about having to give up either one of them.

Doesn’t seem like she’s related to Clementine/Grace in any way

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I read she’s not very nice too, which is the complete opposite of Clementine, but they could still be related. My cousins and I are different from each other.

If they are related, Sally would be from Clementine’s mum’s side of the family.

I don’t agree remember Grace/Clementine’s parents are upper class and it could happen I just don’t see the upper class/middle class divide between the family if they are in fact related

Grace is Asian, so unless their family is super diverse I doubt that would work. Sally seems like a bit of a bellend though, so she could be related to Clementine/Grace’s parents who are also bellends.

@JDR You have a point about the upper class. They can be very pompous and selective when choosing who they let their children date but not all. Some don’t care too much about the class divide like Clementine doesn’t. So maybe Clementine’s Aunts and Uncles are more like her and less like her parents. And even if Clementine’s aunts and uncles were pretentious like her parents, they’re family, so they’d still be in the same social class and still have children of their own. So those kids would be Clementine’s cousins, which is the relation I reckon Clementine and Sally could be.

@anon80974864 I was just going off looks so I didn’t really think too much about that. From what I’ve read about Sally and what I know about Clementine/Grace’s parents, calling them bellends is putting it nicely. :laughing:

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Sally is Clementine’s evil twin, and they have been separated at birth, therefore they have no idea of each other’s existence.

Or maybe I’ve watched too many soap operas ahahahaha.

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