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As I’m following the story line with Liam…it quite seems that the maknae is in love with the MC so what if he is the reason behind everything??

Andrew best friend he’s another one I hate love triangles but some of them just seems sketchy lol :joy:

Tbh… I unmatched with Liam. His story was exciting at first, but I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I can get behind this theory tho!

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U r right tho. Tbh, I love drama and love triangles :joy:

Don’t it seem like it was all a coincident that Amanda just out the blue come to his house then show up at the park, the maknae should have ran too cause he’s a Kpop star but he stayed, it just seem like a setup lol

I’ll have to say I never thought about it, but it makes all the sense in the world. Only the 3 of them know about the date in park and still Amanda shows up. Made very clear Maknae is in love with MC.
What if it was Maknae who kept telling Amanda Min-Jae was in love with her and kept encouraging her to pursue him? Does feel weird he was the only one in the band so cool about the whole thing.


That’s what I was saying all along! It just seems like it was planned. Not to mention how he just showed up at the restaurant without being invited and giving them a watch. I just feel like Amanda was a pawn to get Liam out the way.