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TheRaidersOfJWAlive is recruiting!

We have some open spots and are looking for some nice active members that have discord.

What we offer you:

6/7 weekly defense incubator
7-9 weekly exploration incubator
Roughly 200k in tournaments
Nice people that are willing to help you out with donations and raids
An organised discord with public raid sections and private alliance sections

What we want from you:

Get 10 tournament kills at the very least
Be active
Donate what you can miss
Join the discord server
3500+ trophies

If you are interested in joining reply here or message me privately through either the forum or discord my discord username is: Jurricane #9538

Have a nice day!

I think Raiders of the Lost Park would’ve been a great name for an alliance.

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I saw an alliance that was called The Raiders Of The Lost World