There are Definitely Bot Players in the Arena (and how to spot them)


I run into bot players about half the time when I play, which is usually in Arena 4/5 for now. There are a couple ways you can spot them. One is the bots are programmed to play the same way, and the moves are so nonsensical that they are easy to spot. For example, a bot Einiasuchus will always open with Adrenaline Pulse, even if it is faster than your dinosaur and could easily kill it with a Minimal Stunning Strike. When you start to look for them, you will notice more patterns like that.

Another way to identify them is by their name at the end of the match. Bot players randomly combine words from 2 lists. You can check out the words below, but basically if you are playing “octofoolish” then 99.99% chance you are playing a bot. I suppose it might also be possible someone could make an octofoolish account. If people would like, I plan on making a video on how to to spot it too, but figured this would help for now. The leading word will be one of the following:

“spawn”, “Mr”, “Middle”, “Rex”, “cue”, “Spyv”, “R.O.B.”, “Veloci”, “octo”, “mouth”, “Acro”, “hal”, “ransum”, “hex”, “bob”, “enzo”, “house”, “other”, “ryse”, “COM”, “fourth”, “inside”, “astro”, “tunnel”, “optimus”, “girlwho”, “fella”, “last”, “dras”, “hundred”

and the trailing word will be one of these:

“nope”, “zzz”, “foolish”, “bullneck”, “minotaur”, “eatblood”, “my-shell”, “floor”, “bouncer”, “sons”, “Notes”, “isfused”, “oflove”, “sspy”, “recording”, “sycofant”, “wenUkno”, “taneyus”, “widower”, “weight”, “families”, “fyziks”, “tranquil”, “quit”, “moonrock”, “O.T.”, “intrprtr”, “bigswan”, “talkshow”, “ghouls”, “whale”.

I know I am new here, but hopefully now that you know what to look for, the mass influx of those combination of names will give credibility to what I am saying. Hope this helps.


another dead give away is the Red health bar the over damage their dinos do even if they’re lower leveled than yours they deal a lot of damage and have more health at times too.


Uhh… Actually it’s very well accepted and understood bots are in the arenas. I appreciate the work you’ve done but if you asked the forum ppl could confirm it.