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There are male and female dinos in jwa

Hi there! In jurassic Park we know that every dino is hatched female and change the gender when there is no one with the opposite gender. In jurassic world it isnt like this!
Claires words when Owen ask is the indominus alone in the cage: “There was a brother in case she didn’t survive”
She says that there were male indominus… Hatched male dino…
Ludia please add option that show us what kind of gender is our dinosaur or something similar to this…

I definitely refer to my creatures as either male or female - Suchotator is definitely a she, Erlidom a he, etc. :slight_smile:


If I remember correctly, Claire used the word “sibling” and didn’t specify gender when talking about the Indominus. It’s possible I’m mistaken though. In Fallen Kingdom, Wu does refer to the Indoraptor as a “he”, so you are correct in that aspect.


Well i refer all my creature as He :grin:

Claire said in the movie “she ate it”. Not once did she mention that the indominus sibling was a he. The only confirmed male dinosaurs are the buck and baby rex on sorna, as well as indoraptor.

They don’t even know… jw2

They even mix races…


And that’s how hybrids are made…

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i’m not english native, but… is it wrong refer to animals as “it” instead of “he” or “she”?

that’s how i’m doing here in forum. :eyes:

“It” is perfectly acceptable but people like to use he/she.

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