There are other levels of Strike Tower, right?


Has anyone encountered anything other than the grey-leveled Strike Towers?
I can see they just spawned again but, again, it’s nothing but grey as far as the eye can see.


That’s it right now hoping for harder/longer ones


By the way they worded it, they said it would get harder and harder the more you rack up wins, this hasn’t been the case. Kind of a letdown. I was expecting by their statement some pretty crazy intense battles with great loot at the end.


Yeah, it’s just a series of easy wins at the moment, and the rewards this time weren’t that great (for me anyway).


Same here. Very underwhelming and overhyped. I think tiered options would make more sense, this way new players can be competitive and experienced players can have an adequate challenge.


Harder strike towers are in the code. Looks like they’re ramping up. I was hoping for a few more towers at once and not quite such a slow progression, but eh. We’ll see how it continues to go. Maybe once some of the easier towers have rotated through, they’ll repeat them with other towers at the same time that are harder.


The prize needs to be more than you get from darting a rare. Like 300 dna not 20 rare. If they want to make them a challenge all the better.


this company has a hard time wording what they are trying to convey.

One example was the summer event. The wording stated “receive up to 10,000 coins”.

What the heck does that mean?

The event started and we realized we could get 25,000 coins per day. where this odd amount of 10k came up… I have no clue at all. all chests have 2500 in them. Not once besides on our last chest would be a different amount. last chest being LESS THAN 2500 for instance. NEVER MORE.

So… with that being said. The strike towers are working like this from what I have experienced.

Each week, it just gets more progressively hard. we have completed each challenge each week. so I assume next weeks challenge will be a little harder? The picture they show on their facebook images show a strike tower with 10-15 battle squares. so by using a little logic and the way things have progressed with the first two , My deduction is that each week, a new one is released and it gets harder

now. I have no idea if you didn’t do last weeks will both show up this week or you might just lose the option to do last weeks ?

plus. why the heck are there sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many strike towers everywhere. You really dont have to have that many strike towers.

A better idea would have been to make all park (green) supply drops strike towers, or maybe just 1 or 2 at the park.


This was the fourth.
1st broke medals. 3 squares.
Medals put to historical max. Strikes came back 3 squares.
Third time 5 squares.
Now back to 3 squares.

I haven’t got a screen shot of 5. Could be false memory.


interesting. I did the 3 square one and didn’t have anything until the 5 square one came out. I then Did the 5 square one last night.

Finally able to log into my game today and see the 3 square one


The first 3 broke stuff few people did it. Killed in 30 minutes.

Point being this should of been 7 for players who completed the 5. If that’s what they meant.


so if they are seriously going inbetween a 5 square battle and a 3 square battle. There is literally no point in spending time doing these… This is frustrating

So disappointed


But I have … so your memory is alright.


yes, those are the two I have done. now I have a 3 tower available.

If they are just going between these two. that is horrible and lame



and this is the image that I remember. showing 10 battles

so disappointed.

Like I said earlier.

This company either has a horrible PR person, or they have some issues between their departments. What coders tell the relations people… etc.


I figured they were building up to it as each one has been slightly harder than the others and will continue to do so for a while. Once we’ve seen them all I imagine that they will appear random rather than all the same.


again … communication is lacking from the company. grrrrrr


Agreed. But I doubt they will share their plans.